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“We are delighted to have Mackays as our Main Sponsor for the 2014 World Jampionships.”

Why World Jampionships

Once upon a time, a few giggly girls from Blairgowrie, Perthshire were trying to decide how to highlight the area of Scotland in which they lived. Famous for its high quality soft fruit and berry heritage, they thought of sending a punnet of raspberries to a soon to be Princess to make some Jam with. Realising the impracticality of this, a jam competition was suggested. Within seconds, World Jampionships was born! Not just a competition for Scotland or even the United Kingdom, they wanted the World…..

Since then, World Jampionships has grown dramatically attracting entries from across the globe. It is a unique, international competition, seeking to find the world’s best Preservers of Jams and Jellies. We encourage participation at all levels from Artisan to Novice, including Junior Jam Entrepreneurs. Our aim is to keep the traditional methods of preserving alive, to celebrate the eternal skills of traditional jam making and to raise the international standards of Jam.

Whilst it was Scottish Soft Fruit that was the inspiration, we invite jam makers from all over the World to send us their favourite flavours and creations. Pina Colada and Carrot Cake entries have featured in previous years. No doubt there are more surprises to come!

Definition of Jam

A preserve made from soft, stone or hard fruits. It has a bright colour and a fruity flavour. The consistency should be ideal for spreading and therefore neither too runny nor to stiff. It can be spread on bread, scones, pancakes etc and also used in baking. Savoury jams compliment an after dinner cheese platter or are an ideal accompaniment to dishes such venison.

Preserving with Passion

The Great British Summertime brings the best of British Summer Fruit! Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackcurrants, Redcurrants, Loganberries and Blackberries before we slip in to Autumn and stoned fruits. Bursting with goodness and flavour, our seasonal berries can be savoured all year round.

The history of preserving can be traced back to primitive man and whilst there is perhaps no longer the necessity to preserve, the pleasure remains. Making raspberry Jam in July is deeply satisfying; capturing their sharp sweetness for months to come. Fresh baked scones and homemade raspberry jam, eaten by a roaring fire on a dull grey January day does give hope for the summer to come! And when the sun is shining once again, what better way to spend an afternoon picking fruit, or perhaps a visit to the local Farm Shop to buy quality berries, for eating or preserving for the future.

“We only use fruit in our Jam that is good enough to be eaten fresh as it has higher pectin content and makes a better class of jam. It also means the only other ingredient we need to add is sugar!”


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