Pull on Your Pinny, Set Your Pan to Boil
and Get Those Jars Lined Up…


The World Jampionships is here to say BRING ON THE JAM! Inspired by the world-class, soft fruit Fields of Blairgowrie and the berry pickers of years gone by THE JAMPIONSHIPS are here to unite us all in our love of everyone’s favourite spread!

We're looking for homemakers and artisans, experts and beginners. Along the way we plan to bring you photographs, stories, recipes, events and so much more! Two top prizes will crown the homemaker and the artisan WORLD JAMPION - so come on WORLD! We'd like Jam from every corner of this wonderful planet!


Of course its not just about making the jam - once its jarred and ready to go there are a hundred ways to enjoy jam.... and we want to know them all! Sweet and delicious, you can spread it thick over creamy butter on crusty white bread. Or dollop it on top of a scone with clotted cream. Spread it into cakes until it oozes greedily out of the sides… There are a hundred ways to enjoy Jam and we want to know them all!

Team Jam are gearing up for another exciting year in our search for the best homemade Jams and Jellies in the World, using traditional methods. Could YOU be the next World Jampion?


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Strawberry Duffins

Strawberry and Champagne Duffins

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Duffins from the Sophie Loves Food blog

Chilli Chicken

Sticky Ginger and Chilli Chicken

Blueberry pie

Simple Blackcurrant Jam


Raspberry Jam

A simple Raspberry Jam recipe.

Raspberry & Chilli Jam

Raspberry & Chilli Jam and Lemon Creme Fraiche

Jam and Custard Hand Pies

This gorgeous easy-peasy recipe

Streusel Cake

Karen Burns Booth of Lavender and Lovage made


Online Race Car Market: How to Buy and Sell

How to Buy and Sell

Nowadays, the Internet is a tool that we use for just about everything. We see the news there, we do our shopping there, we contact our friends there, etc. The wealth of networking opportunities that the Internet has to offer are almost endless. And this wealth of information can be very lucrative for someone who is in the market to buy or sell a race car online.

You can always try to buy or sell a race car in an auto trader circulation, but for most circulations, they are only circulated in a small region. This is fine if you’re trying to sell an average car to a person. Chances are someone in the market for an average car probably uses these circulations so when they find something they like, they will only have to travel a small distance to look the car over, test drive it and possibly purchase the vehicle.

But this probably won’t be a solution for someone who is in the market of selling or buying a race car, because most likely you will have to find a bigger market that can accommodate specialized situation. Let’s face it, if you have a car that is race ready, trying to sell it in an auto trader circulation where the maturity of people will be looking for a car to get them back-and-fourth to work won’t do you a lot of good. It also won’t do you a whole lot of good if you’re on a search for a race ready car, most owners of specialty vehicles market there cars in specialty magazines and websites.

If you’re a race car enthusiast that wants to get in the game of buying and selling race cars, than you need to get into the world of the Internet. Your chances of finding the right buyer or seller in a market that peaks your interest will be broaden from a local or regional area to a international level. Connecting with someone who owns or sells exotic sports cars, race cars, rare antiques etc. could be as easy as sitting at your computer and surfing the Internet in the right places.

The first thing you can do to help you get tapped into the right resources is start at some car auto forums. Since the world of after market automobiling is mostly filled with quite honest people who are always willing to help you out in whatever way they can. Dropping some questions on these forums should give you some pretty good directions like: What websites are good for what type of car markets your looking to get into and what websites and or scams to avoid.

Selling in an Online Race Car Market

Selling in an Online Race Car Market

Once you get some good information and you find some good websites, then it’s time to get to work. If you are looking to sell your race car online, there are some things you need to know to make it a better selling experience for you and the second party that will be involved. First, honesty is the best policy. This is even more important in online sales when the person who might be interested could be halfway across the world. If someone travels a long way to check out what they think is a great find and find out that you failed to mention that the car doesn’t run and that it was wrecked on the opposite side from where you took a picture of the vehicle, that could cause a problem.

Also, as a seller who is putting your race car online, you might want to think about the fact that you could end up doing some traveling (meeting someone halfway), another great reason to make sure what you posted for-sale is what you are going to be delivering. If you have no intention of traveling, it’s not a bad thing, just make sure you mention it in the ad, this will help the potential buyer know what he is getting into.

One more thing that you can do to help both you and a possible second party is take a lot of pictures. Utilize the fact that most places on the web that let you sell things, give you an unlimited amount of up-loads or at least enough up-loads to place plenty of pictures of you race car in the ad. If your selling an Ford Escort, a little black and white picture in the auto trader might be fine, but when your selling something precious like a race car, take enough pictures of it to show just how precious it is.

Buying in an Online Race Car Market

Buying in an Online Race Car Market

Now, let’s say you have some money and you have a type of race car in mind that you would be willing to spend that money on. One thing you must know, when searching a specialized vehicle that fits your needs, it will take a little longer than just buying an everyday car. When people build race cars, they build them to fit their own needs. You might find yourself in a predicament where even though you have a specific style, power output rating, color, etc. in mind, you might have to be prepared to be a little flexible on your wants and needs, and be prepared to spend a little extra money after you purchase the car for some up-grades to get it to look and feel the way you want it.

If this does not sound like something you are willing to do, there is another option. A lot of times people start building a race car and find that they can’t finish it for one reason or another, these cars are called project cars. If you can find a project car that needs the type of work that you can provide, then this might be a great option for you. Depending on what still needs to be done to it, you can choose what color to paint it, what motor and transmission you want to place in it for performance and so on. The good thing about a project car is, the less put together it is the more room it leaves the buyer to customize it in a way that best suits them. But when attempting this process, try to be reasonable, if you buy something that needs way more work than you have time for or needs work that you don’t have the talent to do, most likely the car will end up back in the want-ads as a project car with you as the seller this time.

Buying and selling a race car online can be intimidating. You’re either looking for a particular person to buy your car, or your looking for a particular car that fits your needs. Either way you look at it, you need to tap in to the correct market to sell or buy a race car online. Searching in the wrong market might prove to be a wasteful task.

The Use of White Paint for Your Home

The Use of White Paint for Your Home

Many individuals think that white paint is just a neutral color. To some degree, they are right. However, the brightness and various white tints can make a big difference in the presentation of items. White paint has been a favorite of individuals for years. Using zinc oxide based pigments, the first washable paint was produced by Charlton White in the 1870s. This meant, that white paint could be washed over for cleaning purposes. This added to the value and importance of white paint. Dirt and marks could be removed.

White paint has long been a favorite to use in kitchens and bathrooms. Giving these two rooms, a sanitary and sterile look, was very important to the home owner. It has also been used to make rooms appear larger, than they really are. Rooms that had little lighting, used white paint to brighten up the room.

White Paint

There are many tints of white paint for various reasons. Rooms that face the north, away from the sun, look better with a warm undertone. These undertones would be yellow, tan, pink, peach and cream. Rooms, that face the south, need to look cooler. Undertones of green, blue,gray and violet work best.

Some rooms will go with a darker color shade on the walls and a white ceiling. This makes the room look taller than it really is.

Many homes will decorate their woodwork with white paint. Door frames and window frames look good in white. If they get soiled by hands and fingerprints, it is easy to wipe off or paint over, to give it that clean look. White door frames also makes it easy to identify a door in the darkness of the night.

The type of paint, that you use, can make a difference in appearance, too. There is latex, enamel, oil base and a mixture of them. Latex makes touch up easier. However, it has a duller flatter finish. Latex may take several coats to do a good cover job. Enamel/oil based leaves a smooth even coat on wood and metal. Unlike latex, an oil based enamel leaves a glossy appearance to it’s finish.

White paint on a base background brings out color in any item, that is hung on the wall. White walls are excellent for displaying pictures. The bright background forces the eye to look at what is hung in front of them. White walls even bring out the best in antiques and rich wood floors.

There are even shades of white that goes great with different types of wood. For example, an antique white brings out the best in old or rustic furniture.

When used correctly, white paint and it’s different tints, it can make a big difference in house decorations.

Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia

Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream

The Masters is most popular among the four major golf tournaments. And in Australia, it is no different. People from all around the world wait for April when this prestigious tournament takes place.

This year The Masters is slightly different than other years. Because the upcoming event will allow a limited number of patrons, and if you’re in Australia, you will watch it online, we assume. Here, you will get all the information regarding Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia.

When is The Masters 2021?

When is The Masters 2021
When is The Masters 2021

As scheduled, The Masters Golf Tournament will start on 8th April, at Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia, USA. And the game ends on Sunday 11th April. Before the tournament round, there will be practice sessions on the 5th & 6th of April. And on 7th April a par 3 contest will be organized.

Watch Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia

Watch Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia

There are two streaming networks available in Australia that will broadcast the tournament in 2021. One is Nine Network’s Gem channel, and another is Kayo Sports. Only these two networks officially own the right to broadcast The Masters in Australia. Details on how to watch the game on these channels are covered below.

The Masters Live Stream on 9Gem

The first option to watch this thrilling tournament in Australia is the Nine Network. However, they won’t broadcast the tournament on the main channel; rather you will have to tune in to 9Gem. And as an Australian sports fan, you should know that this channel is free to air on television. So, it’s great news for golf fans in Australia.

9Gem will cover the first three rounds and the final rounds including the prize-giving ceremony. Though there’s an estimated time, the coverage will be extended if the play continues.

If you don’t have a cable connection, then you also can have access to 9Gem online. It comes in most of the online tv services.

The Masters Live Stream on Kayo Sports

The Masters Live Stream on Kayo Sports

Another excellent for the live stream is Kayo Sports. This isn’t free to watch like 9Gem, but if you’re a new customer, you can enjoy all the rounds for free because Kayo Sports offers 14 days of a free trial. And you only need 4 days.

Though using only the trial version is not suggested. Because besides the Masters, Kayo Sports has a lot more to offer. And it isn’t that expensive. Once the trial ends, you will have two subscription options. The basic plan is $25 a month, and the premium plan is only $35 a month with the additional stream.

You also get some special features in Kayo Sports. And the impressive thing is some of them are especially for The Masters Golf Tournament. They have a special dedicated camera for the Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club.

And another feature we really loved is their split screens. So, you can watch the main coverage, featured groups, and the Amen Corner simultaneously on a single screen. It allows 4 screens at a time.

Kayo Sports also got the highlights of previous Masters Tournaments. So, if you want, you can watch them before this year’s game starts. Additionally, you will have some previews and special documentaries to warm up for the game day.

You can stream Kayo Sports on any device including Android, iOs, Sony Bravia, Samsung, TV, PC, Laptop, and more.

Final Words

As an Australian, you have got two great options to enjoy Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream. You can choose any of them and experience the excitement of the tournament. Even if you are not an Australian, but will reside in Australia during the Masters week, you can use these streaming services to watch the game.

Hotmail Login Problem

Hotmail Login Problem

It happens when least expected – after typing in a login name and password into the hot hotmail entrar screen, the browser freeezes and – all of a sudden – you’re locked out. Unfortunately, this isn’t an unknown problem, it’s the dreaded Hotmail login problem.

Don’t panic just yet. There are a number of tricks that you can try when you’re faced with this issue. Take a deep breath and don’t throw anything at your computer screen. We’ll get you there.

Restart Your Browser

Restart Your Browser

One of the first things to do when faced with a Hotmail login problem is to restart your browser. This is the program that you use to access the Internet. Internet Explorer and Firefox are two of the most widely used browsers on Windows, while many Mac users use Safari.

Click on “File” in the menu bar on your browser and go to “Exit”. Or you can simply click the “Close Window” icon in the upper right corner of the brower. Wait a few seconds for the browser process to exit, and then restart the browser. Navigate to the Hotmail login screen and try again.

Clear Your Browser

Most browsers have an option built in that lets you clear any temporary history and cache files they might be storing. In Firefox, for exmple, this can be found under the “Tools” menu. Clicking on the “Clear Recent History” will delete all your temporary internet files. Just to make sure the files have been cleaned and the cache cleared, go ahead and restart your browser, too.

Check Your Security Settings

Check Your Security Settings

This is mostly relevant to Microsoft Internet Explorer, which has a mind numbingly large number of settings that you can use to block access to Internet sites. Check underneath “Tools” and then “Internet Options”, then “Security”. Make sure that the Hotmail webpage hasn’t been added to the list of blocked sites.


The final step in all computer troubleshooting. The funny thing is that it usually works. Reboot the system, fire up the browser and try again.

Helpful Tips for Preventing the Hotmail Login Problem in the Future

If you haven’t tried Firefox yet, give it a whirl. It’s a compact and robust browser that has been around for a number of years. Google has its own browser, called Chrome, which has proved itself a speedy browser in a number of webtrials. Another useful tool is CCleaner, which will get rid of your temporary internet files and other browser leftovers for you.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Whatsapp Plus Features!

Whatsapp plus Features

Do Whatsapp plus feature the best facilities to its clients? If puzzled, then this article has appeared with several features of Whatsapp plus.

Whatsapp plus is the ideal choice due to its prime source of instant messaging in our life skills. Among the evolution of delivering communications – Whatsapp plus topped than other adversaries.

A recent edition of Whatsapp Plus filled with new emojis and sticker packs collections. Its built-in font choice to match the style. Alike – other messaging apps permits installed themes or new fonts.

It is not a reliable site to try. If possible, be aware of the risk it carries and be careful with what you share. Be aware- of all scams asking to pay for this app as it’s 100% free. Make sure to download the app from a reliable source as it may harm your device, check here.

Whatsapp Plus Features – For Android Users

Whatsapp plus provides extraordinary features that are still not accessed in Whatsapp.

While exploring – you will be observing some key contrasts as opposed to Whatsapp.

These are the listing of various Whatsapp plus Features available:

  • To notify if the person is present online.
  • Anti-revoke messages are unable to remove messages.
  • Ability to summon Whatsapp Plus messages.
  • Status Limits up to 255 characters.
  • Can classify messages from newest – oldest.
  • Possible to change the launcher icon.
  • Status clipboard allows copying others’ status.

The latest edition of Whatsapp Plus has inbuilt fonts to choose which font matches your style. Sticker packs and new emojis collections are also available with some surprising gifts

At the start, the app gives an option to customize the chats and the main menu according to your own need. There is a Conversation Screen, which can found in the More Options menu.

The Auto-Reply message feature is now available at Whatsapp Plus. It replies to messages automatically. It has secret features with some hiding online -status, hiding recording status, etc.

Whatsapp plus opts to customize the chats as per your demand. The menu broke into four sub-headings -Header, Chat, Translucent form, and Pics. Whatsapp Plus facilitates up to 700 themes from the app. It’s ordered according to its name, version, date, etc.

This app – combined with innovative and more emoticons. This- can only transfer to recipients of Whatsapp Plus users. Instead, a question mark delivers rather than the emojis.

This application allows sharing up to 16MB. Whatsapp plus extends its sharing limit up to 50 MB and permits to change data to 50MB. Besides, Whatsapp also added an unusual catalog for business prospects. It promotes the sharing of goods and services with clients.



As per the conclusion- Whatsapp plus is a revised edition to change the look of Whatsapp. Whatsapp plus features make life secure than official Whatsapp. So, test this application to aware of the significant- risk it involves. There is no guarantee of how long it’s sustained and might reject by the official Whatsapp site to be aware of it.

How to Paint a Rusty Metal Roof?

How to Paint a Rusty Metal Roof

The evolution of technology is in all the filed which people are using in their day-to-day life. Roofing technology has also been in peak and you will get the advanced things for roof painting services of your building. Forget that rusty roofing of your home instead you will have some amazing things for the best replacement. It is easy and simple to renovate your old roof metal with the most advanced technology development. Roofing is one of the important things which you have to concentrate more on at the time of constructing any building or house. Plenty of people are using the best roofing idea with fantastic interior designing. The building engineer will provide you the best idea about how to choose the roofing and suggest to your which material is best to use. Generally, all the material has the property of rusting when it is explored in the air for the long term without any maintenance. Consequently, it is a common thing and all the people confront it but you have to make an alternate.

Get the quality metal roof

Get the quality metal roof

There is no way to avoid rusting instead you can able to protect it from such cases. Most of the people selecting the metal roof for the house or office space. Paint it to protect from rusting often and you can easily eliminate rusting. When you have decided to install a metal roof you have to consider some of the important myths about it. In reality, the metal roof doesn’t get struck by lightning so no worry about it. Metal is a non-combustible material so there is no chance of fire. People think that the metal roof will make noise when it rains or downpour but it not. If you have to go with the best quality roof metal it will not make any sound. Maybe such things are applicable for the cheap metal roof but it is the modern metal roofing. Installation of metal roofing is easy and simple work, it will protect your house from natural sources such as rain, snow, and heat. Rusting of a metal roof is a common thing but if you have to paint and maintain it in proper ways then it will work for the long term.

Benefits of installing a metal roof

Benefits of installing a metal roof

Nowadays, you can see a large number of roofing companies offering the best quality of a metal roof. So, it is easy to pick anyone from them for your house and make sure about the quality. The cost is inexpensive so it is more comfortable for the people to install a metal roof in their home. It will enhance your value of the house and also save energy in summer; it will save cooling cost also. You will get lots of benefits from installing the metal roof in your house. Once you have painted the metal roof with high-quality paint then it will last for long period. It will not get damaged easily because it is made up of strong metal which withstands in all-weather condition.

How to Hide a Security Camera Indoors?

How to Hide a Security Camera Indoors

Security cameras are the advanced technology that helps to protect your home, office, and so on from the thieves. It helps to find the thieves. It is the topmost buying technical devices in the current scenarios. These are very efficient and helpful in more situations. But you should gain some tricks to fix the cameras. You should hide your camera, if it is in open space the thieves easily find out it. So, know the ways and how to place the cameras in the right place to cover all the surroundings. Almost most of the homes, companies, and schools are installed with security cameras. But you should even more intelligent and technically improved person. So, use smart methods like hiding security cameras to catch the footage of thieves. If you fix your camera in open space, they easily broken your camera, but in the hidden security camera, they did not have a chance to find it. There are plenty of advantages are waiting for you while hiding a security camera indoor. These hidden security cameras are the best way to prevent your things from burglar. They do not even notice the cameras easily. Your household things are not to be harmed. That are saved and this will help to find the thief easily, check here.

Important places to hide a security camera indoor

If you are interested to place your security camera indoor, you should be a more intelligent and creative person. Here you can discover lots of intelligent places to hide the security camera. Choose the doted places for the best and efficient performance. Hide your camera in the door lock screws. It will capture once the thief enters your home. Fix the camera in your calling bell. Try to hide your security came inside TV brand names. You can have a chance to hide the camera inside the pen cap. Hide cameras in fan and light. You can have lots of intellectual places to hide your camera. They are not visible to the thieves. even they know about the hidden security camera need more time to find it.

Important places to hide a security camera outdoor

Important places to hide a security camera outdoor

Hiding it from the entrance is a great idea that will capture their face once they enter your gate. Hide it in a green area. You can easily hide it on a tree or small plant also. It will not attract any attention. You can fix the security camera in a thick brush, tap, gate lock screws. Hiding it on the green leaves will do a great job from curious eyes. You can get good quality and overall coverage from the leaves. Hid it on the accessories of the garden. If you have any dolls inside your garden, you are saved. You can hide your security camera inside the tall dolls. It is such an amazing idea to hide it. It is the perfect place which also helps to protect your cameras from different weather conditions. If you have roofs place them on the eaves.

How to Repair Weather Stripping on Car Door?

How to Repair Weather Stripping on Car Door

Nowadays everything becomes a modernized culture. Each and every one like to have their own vehicle for travelling purpose. People don’t have time to wait for other modes of transportation in busy schedule. All were busy in many works, so people can’t wait for public transportation. All will depend on easy way of travelling with comfortable. The comfortable can’t be experienced in others vehicles. So, it’s always better to have our own vehicle for travelling for short distance too. On this point the cars play major role than other kinds of vehicles because whole family can travel in car without issues. It can be used by one person or by all family members. We can take any kinds of things during the travelling too. Our pet animals can be taken in the car. All people will have this issue to leave their pet animals while travelling, but in car this issue can be solved. And most important thing we can reach the destination in time. In other kinds of transportation their maybe some delay, but in our car we need not to wait for others. We can travel to any part in the country without any issues. Purchasing a car is a dream for many people in their life. The maintenance of the car is also a big task for the car owners, find here more.

Why to repair the weather strip in the car?

Why to repair the weather strip in the car

The weather strip in the car protect car from many factors. The car door needs to be shield well because many issues can be avoided by this. If the weather strip got repair or damage, we need to change it immediately otherwise the pests, bugs or dust particles can enter into the car. The car door can also get damage without weather stripping. The grip in the car can be lost here. The stripping will protect our car from sunny climate, rain, snow, outer dust and pests entering into our car. It acts as protective shield. Due to more exposure of the weather and washing of the car will damage the weather stripping. The water gets stagnant under the weather stripping and the rubber material will start to absorb the water and tear the weather stripping into pieces. The over exposure of the sun will also break the rubber weather stripping, that is the strip will get crack in the center of the rubber.

Way to repair the weather strip:

Way to repair the weather strip

Its people duty to check the weather strip often in the car, because many damage issues can be prevented in the car. The weather strip first needs to be removed by using the removable spray. After that, the weather areas need to be clean by using the water or dust cleaner. The dusts will be found in the gap of the weather stripping. Then the weather strip needs to check for the damage, if there is nothing, we can use the same thing or else we need to change the weather strip. Later using the glue, strip need to be pasted on the car.

How to Use Digital Tyre Gauge?

How to Use Digital Tyre Gauge

There are different kinds of tyres used in the vehicles. Tyres are main source used here, without tyres the vehicles can’t run. The tyre types will vary to each and every vehicle, for heavy vehicle carriers the tyre will be with different quality because it needs to travel through all kinds of areas such as mountains, plains and roads. But household vehicles use other kinds of tyres because we don’t use this kind of vehicles to heavy load works. We travel only for short distances so heavy loaded tyres are not needed here. The LT tyres and P tyres are the tyres used for vehicles. LT tyres are used for heavy vehicles and P tyres are used for household vehicles. The tyre life span will extend according to some factors such the depth of the tread and the quality of the rubber used in the tyre. If the tread depth got decreased in the tyre the people needs to change the tyre, because people may skid easily on the road. Once we are going out it’s our duty to check the tyre pressure and air in the wheel. The rubber quality also needs to check regularly. These are some important factors of the tyre.

What is the use of digital tyre gauge?

What is the use of digital tyre gauge

In olden days people need to go some mechanical place to check the air pressure found in the tyre. Without checking the pressure people can’t use any kinds of vehicles for usage. Even two wheelers also need to be checked. It takes long time and difficult too, because if there is no pressure in the tyre we can’t drive it. So, we need to fill the air once again and check the pressure in the tyre. To overcome all this issues, the digital tyre gauge has been introduced in the market, so the people can check the pressure in the tyre at home itself. It’s important to check the pressure before starting the vehicle because the low pressure in the tyre leads to accident issues and the vehicles may skid at the road easily.

How to use the digital tyre gauge?

The digital tyre gauge is operated on the battery. It is the small machine. The gauge needs to be placed on the tyre and ON the button found on the digital gauge. After placing the gauge on the tyre, we should not move it for few minutes from the tyre because the digital gauge will measure the pressure in the tyre. If we move the digital tyre gauge from tyre while measuring we can’t get the proper pressure in the tyre. So, people need to keep the tyre gauge without moving it. The digital tyre gauge will be most useful thing, everyone should have it in home. There are many kinds of digital tyre gauge are found in the market, according to our need we can choose the pressure gauge for usage. For heavy vehicles, the pressure gauge will be varied and for household vehicles some other types of pressure gauges are used.

Where can I Watch Daytona 500 Live?

Where can I Watch Daytona 500 Live

As it says on the logo, the great American race, the Daytona 500, is the fantastic American race that not only Americans find amusing. More than 20 million fans all over the world wait for this race eagerly. If you are a regular on NASCAR threads and blogs, you will see that people talked about when the Daytona 500 will happen.

Many important international sports events were postponed and canceled this year. Due to the uncontrollable spread of the coronavirus, people were unsafe everywhere. That’s why organizers had to cancel their events indefinitely. However, the previous Daytona 500 took place without any problem.

There was just one hitch of weather that delayed the race for a day. But it happened, and Denny Hamlin was the Daytona 500 winner for the 3rd time and 2nd consecutive time as he won the year before.

People were concerned about the schedule of this year’s Daytona. As February was coming, people were more anxious about whether this will happen or not. Exceeding all expectations, NASCAR announced the happening of this year’s Daytona on 14th February 2021. That mean’s Daytona will hold it’s consistency for the 63rd time as well.

What has NASCAR planned for broadcast?

What has NASCAR planned for broadcast

NASCAR has planned to broadcast Daytona 500 on more web channels so that everyone can Watch daytona 500 Live sitting at home without any interruption.

Cable tv broadcast will remain the same as every year. People are more into watching sporting events on web channels rather than tv channels. That means people follow live stream websites to watch sporting events. The importance of cable tv to watch sports is decreasing as we speak. Because people cannot watch cable tv on the go, but they can watch live streaming websites.

Also, live stream websites have better camera view and picture quality. High definition quality that seamlessly shows every move of every racer.

Where can I watch Daytona 500 live?

Where can I watch Daytona 500 live

We have linked the best website for you to Watch daytona 500 Live. Surely there will be other websites where you can watch it. But this one is the best one that will deliver you the best camera view, the best quality and will be seamless.

So, get ready with your friends and family for the great American race of the year. You waited long enough to watch this and looking for ways you can compensate. You can stop looking now and bookmark the channel we linked here.

Final words

Streaming websites can only hold a small number of people at one time. That means you have to hurry. Every website has a traffic limit. If too many people are at the website at the same time, it will crash. We have seen this happening on many websites. That’s why stream sites will have some traffic limit. Not to miss the show, be prepared the join early for a front-row seat. You can watch your favorite racer claim the title for you and his team.



Mackays is a family run business, owned by the Grant family since 1995. The company exports to over 60 countries around the world and produces over 19 million jars every year! Despite growing in size and scale, Mackays remains true to its roots, making all jams, marmalades and curds the authentic way in open copper pans.


We supply our glass jars and bottles from one box of 50 units up to 52 pallets to fill articulated trucks and we offer a full distribution service not only around the UK but worldwide.


We provide a 'Business Boost' package to help businesses with their online activities and increase their impact. We also do project and event management as well as copy writing.


Our very own Berry Queen, Gemma The Jam, shows you just how easy it is to get involved and join in the fun with this year’s World Jampionships! Gemma has become this year’s make at home celebrity with sightings due at The Scottish Game Fair and Dundee Food and Flower Festival! Have a browse through her videos and find out what it is that makes her our favourite Jammy Lady (gin, we suspect!).

Gemma Bottles Jam

How to get your jam into the jar

Gemma makes Victoria Sandwich

In this video Gemma demonstrates how easy it is to make this perennial favourite.

Gemma Wraps Jam

How to make sure your Jam reaches us


The winners will be announced on September 6 at the Dundee Flower and Food in Scotland. We are delighted to announce that this year, Celebrity Chef, Nick Nairn, will present the trophies. Don’t miss it!

How Will Your Jam Reach Us?

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Breast Cancer Care

The World Jampionships is proud to support Breast Cancer Care with £1 donated for every entry we receive.

Gemma the Jam

Humorous videos on all things Jammy from our gorgeous Berry Queen.

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