Pull on Your Pinny, Set Your Pan to Boil
and Get Those Jars Lined Up…


The World Jampionships is here to say BRING ON THE JAM! Inspired by the world-class, soft fruit Fields of Blairgowrie and the berry pickers of years gone by THE JAMPIONSHIPS are here to unite us all in our love of everyone’s favourite spread!

We're looking for homemakers and artisans, experts and beginners. Along the way we plan to bring you photographs, stories, recipes, events and so much more! Two top prizes will crown the homemaker and the artisan WORLD JAMPION - so come on WORLD! We'd like Jam from every corner of this wonderful planet!


Of course its not just about making the jam - once its jarred and ready to go there are a hundred ways to enjoy jam.... and we want to know them all! Sweet and delicious, you can spread it thick over creamy butter on crusty white bread. Or dollop it on top of a scone with clotted cream. Spread it into cakes until it oozes greedily out of the sides… There are a hundred ways to enjoy Jam and we want to know them all!

Team Jam are gearing up for another exciting year in our search for the best homemade Jams and Jellies in the World, using traditional methods. Could YOU be the next World Jampion?


Strawberry and Champagne Duffins


Strawberry and Champagne Duffins from the Sophie Loves Food blog. Delicious!...

Simple Blackcurrant Jam


Vivien Lloyd shows you how to make simple and delicious Blackcurrant Jam...


This Raspberry and Apple Jam Recipe from Vivien Lloyd is a real treat for summer...



Strawberry Duffins

Strawberry and Champagne Duffins

Strawberry Waffle

Duffins from the Sophie Loves Food blog

Chilli Chicken

Sticky Ginger and Chilli Chicken

Blueberry pie

Simple Blackcurrant Jam


Raspberry Jam

A simple Raspberry Jam recipe.

Raspberry & Chilli Jam

Raspberry & Chilli Jam and Lemon Creme Fraiche

Jam and Custard Hand Pies

This gorgeous easy-peasy recipe

Streusel Cake

Karen Burns Booth of Lavender and Lovage made


The Best Way to Clean Copper Wire to Be Used For Scrap


The way in which copper wire is collected for scrap varies greatly depending on the person doing the collecting. Some people will take large quantities of copper wire to a recycling center that will melt it down, producing new ingots of copper, but others are trying to find new ways to do this job! Cleaning copper wire for scrap takes time but can be done at home with few supplies.

What Is Copper Wire and Why Is It Collected For Scrap

Copper wire is a type of electrical conductor that consists of a thin layer or sheath of copper. The copper wire can operate as a conductor because it has a larger surface-to-volume ratio than the wire’s other ingredients. Copper wire is often collected for scrap because it is used to make new copper products.

What Is The Best Method For Cleaning Copper Wire?

People typically clean copper wire by soaking it in acid, which can take many hours to accomplish. In addition, chemical solutions often leave unsightly residues. However, there are some good ways to use electricity to remove the tarnish from the metal effectively. The process involves using an electrolytic solution of saltwater or vinegar, an aluminum pan, a power source, and two pieces of copper wire.

What You Need To Do

The first step is to cut strips of each metal copper and any other metal used in the experiment. The second step is to attach one end of one piece of metal tape onto the positive pole of the power source and attach the other onto the negative. The third step is to soak each piece of tape in an electrolytic solution with a positive electric flow at around one volt for ten minutes. After that, remove it from the solution and scrub off any residue on the surface of the metal with steel wool or any more metal scraps. Then, the metal must be washed with soap and water to clean away any last traces of unwanted residue, visit this link.

The final step is to attach the wire onto the negative and positive poles of the power source again, but this time using aluminum tape instead of metallic tape. After around 30 seconds, each piece of metal should be clean enough for further recycling or alloying.

How to Clean Copper Wire At Home?

Cleaning copper wire at home is very simple. All you need to do is lay the wire out on a cookie sheet and then fill it with water. You can use any type of cooking pan or dish that will fit the wire on it. Next, you want to insert one end of the copper wire into the water, where it will start to make some bubbles. Finally, you can remove the other end of copper wire from the water and dry it with your hands or a towel before you store it for scrap.


Copper wire is a valuable commodity for scrap dealers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to clean copper without damaging it or making the metal brittle, but there are some ways you can do this in order to make cleaning easier and more effective.

Best Guides for Renewing a Driver’s License


The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not require a new registration when you sell your car. But, the buyer will need one in order to drive it legally. You can renew your registration in advance and then transfer it over to the new owner before completing the ownership. This way, you don’t have to worry about going out of pocket with buying a brand new one! If you have selling or buying a race car, do not use the license plate of the buyer’s car on the title. This is illegal. Instead, apply for a corrected registration certificate through the DMV after applying for a duplicate driver’s license or instruction permit.

Fill up an Application

This is the first step in the process. You will need to fill up an application form which you can find on the DMV website. This form lets you update your personal information, change your address, and renew your registration all in one place.

Go to the DMV

Once you have filled up the application, take it into the DMV with some ID, payment for any applicable fees, and your renewal notice if it’s expired or soon will be (if not expired). Present these documents in person at a local DMV location. Bring someone else with you if possible. The whole process will go much more smoothly!

Take Time off Work or Make Plans Ahead of Time

The DMV hours are typically 9 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you are renewing your license in advance, they will most likely ask for an appointment. Don’t forget to take time off of work or make plans ahead of time!

Bring Any Necessary Documents with You

The DMV website has a list of all the required documents that need to be brought with you. This list includes things like proof of identity or any outstanding tickets. If you don’t have the document they asked for, they could not allow you to renew your license early.

Update Your Registration

Once your new license is printed out, take it straight to the DMV with some form of payment (maybe a credit card or cash). Then, update your registration, and you’re all set!

Don’t Forget to Transfer Your Registration!

Check with the DMV if you need to transfer your registration before selling your car, it’s likely that you won’t have to, but it never hurts to double-check. Then, give the new owner of your vehicle your license plate number, and they will be able to complete the process of transferring the registration.

Enjoy your new License!

Now, you can enjoy your newly renewed driver’s license without the stress of having to do it all over again for another two years (or however long your state requires). You can plan on renewing in advance next time, too; this makes planning around updating your license much easier because you don’t need to worry about missing the deadline.


In this article, we’ve covered the steps to renewing a driver’s license. We’ve also covered why renewing a driver’s license is the way to go instead of buying a new one and how you can do it yourself without having to go into any DMV. If you follow our steps, you can easily renew your license without having to wait for it to expire.

The Benefits of Working with a Boom Lift

The Benefits of Working with a Boom Lift

A boom lift is a type of elevated work platform that can be used for many different purposes. In construction, maintenance and inspections, the boom lift Chicago may be used to provide an aerial view or to reach difficult-to-access areas. A boom lift may also be found in fields such as forestry, where it is used to move logs from one area to another without damaging the ground below.

1. A boom lift Chicago is a great investment for your business

A boom lift Chicago is a great investment for your business

A boom lift can be an investment for your business, as it provides a variety of applications. It is used for a variety of different types of construction, maintenance, and inspections. A boom lift is also known as an elevated work platform, and it may be powered by either hydraulics or diesel engines to provide the necessary lifting power. The boom lift Chicago is typically maneuvered with two joysticks, one for the direction and one for the elevation to get the job done efficiently!

2. Boom lifts make it easier to complete tasks with less risk

Boom lifts make it easier to complete tasks with less risk, which is why they are often used in construction and maintenance. This can be achieved by raising the personnel to a height that would usually be too high for them to reach, or by reaching a position that is difficult to get to without assistance. The boom lift may also be used for inspection purposes, such as checking external signs of wear or damage.

A boom lift typically uses one of two types of power sources: hydraulic or diesel. In general, hydraulic-powered units are preferred for their ability to provide faster acceleration and braking capabilities in comparison with diesel-powered units. If you have any questions about the benefits of using a boom lift when completing tasks at heights, contact us today and one of our knowledgeable experts will be more than happy to help you!

3. They are also very safe and comfortable to use

Boom lifts are also a safe and comfortable way to get the job done. They are much easier to operate than ladders and their wide base provides good ground stability. The operator is enclosed in a safety cage for protection against falls or an object falling from a higher level. This gives you the peace of mind that you need when working from heights!

4. Different models allow you to find the right one in Chicago

Different models allow you to find the right one in Chicago

Different models allow you to find the right one for your specific needs. The most popular model would be a mast-climber, which is used primarily in industrial applications and is an economical option for contractors. For professionals who need a little more than just a boom lift, there are also heavy-duty power scissor lifts, which are perfect for heavy lifting tasks such as utility work and aerial platform installation.


Working with a boom lift is an excellent way to stay safe while you work. A boom lift will help you get the job done faster and more easily than if you were on the ground, which means that it can end up saving time and money in the long run! To learn more about how our team helps people find efficient solutions to their needs by finding them the right equipment at fair prices contact us today!

How To Attach Wood Stair Treads To Concrete?


Wooden stair treads are an important part of any home’s staircase, and when they need to be replaced, the job is often a lot more complicated than you might think. That’s because installing new treads requires that you do some careful measuring and cutting before anything else can happen.

What are Wood Stair Treads?

Wood stair treads are covers that are made of wood that are cut to measure and install over the steps on stairs that are made of concrete. Stair treads Houston are sold in packages that typically contain 20 to 10 ft long sections of wood. However these can be purchased at any length.

Can You Install Wood Stair Treads To Concrete?

Yes, treads can be installed on concrete when it has been treated with a product that is specially designed for this task. The other option is to use special glue specifically for attaching the two surfaces together. If it has only been a week since the concrete was poured and it is clean, then you should not have a problem. If you’re not sure what to do, ask a contractor if they can help you before you begin or if they could actually install the treads for you.

What Are The Tools Required To Attach Wood Stair Treads To Concrete?

Once you have made your purchase, a few tools that are required for installation are: A saw, pen, measuring tape, stud finder, screw gun and screws. You will also need latex primer and water-based polyurethane sealant.

Steps for Attaching Wood Stair Treads To Concrete in Houston

1) Measure up from the ground both inside and outside corners of the staircase.

2) Thoroughly clean the surface on either side of the stairs where you will be installing your new stair treads in Houston which should also be cut at a 45 degree angle according to your measurements.

3) Apply latex primer over all four sides of each piece and let dry. Then apply a second coat and let dry for 24 hours before finally sealing with two coats of water-based polyurethane.

4) Nail down one end of the stair with a Pneumatic Nailer.

5) Attach your stud finder to a long board and drive screws through it into each tread in order for the screw heads to act as nails when you are attaching them to concrete.

6) Slide your stairs and attach them from underneath with 3″ galvanized deck screws so that they will not jiggle or rattle once installed.

7) Take out the remaining nails and remove all loose pieces such as dust, sawdust, etc.

8) Once completely dry, you can sand around any exposed wood paint then stain or paint accordingly if needed.

How Long Should It Take To Attach Wood Stair Treads To Concrete?

It will usually take 4 to 6 hours to install and conceal the concrete in your staircase. The time varies depending on how many steps you have, but keep in mind that they need to be installed properly so that the tread does not pose a tripping hazard.

Conclusion Hopefully, this article has given you the information that you need to know about how to attach wood stair treads to concrete. You should be able to get your stairs looking great in no time with these easy steps.

4 Tips to Increase Floor Protection


When it comes to flooring, there are not a lot of options: either carpet or linoleum. But neither one is really ideal for your home. Carpet can seem like an economical choice but when you take into account the cost of installation and maintenance (cleaning, shampooing, and replacing), it can be very expensive in the long run. And while linoleum is easier to install than carpet-and cheaper as well-it has some major drawbacks that make it less desirable than other choices.

Make a List of All the Items You Need to Buy

It is really important to have a list of what you need and remember the process takes time. It may seem like it doesn’t, but trust me when I say it does! I mean, think about all those trips you’ve made to local stores for some needed item-whether an ingredient or something else-and how easy it seemed back then. In reality though, you’re just taking in more information than usual. You see the way things are laid out on shelves at varying prices as well as signs advertising specials that will entice your wallet to open up even wider.

Look for Coupons or Discounts on Those Products

This may seem like a small task, but it’s actually quite important. In Houston, You should always try to find coupons for the products that you’re buying. You can often find discounts on the internet or in store advertisements. This way, you’ll save money and increase your floor protection!

Create a Budget and Stick to It

Create a budget that can be realistically spent in the time frame you are setting as your goal. Write down all your expenses and purchases on paper until you have a good view of what is coming in and what is going out. Focus on the necessities that additional resources will help you reach your goal.

Compare Prices Before Buying Anything Online in Houston

It is important to always compare prices when you shop online. There are price differences in the same items depending on where you buy them. It’s important to know that even if one store has a good deal, the next store may have a better deal on the same product.

Follow the directions when assembling new furniture:

1. Read the instructions carefully

2. Lay out your new furniture according to the directions, and then go back over it with a pen to highlight any parts that are unclear or confusing

3. If there are still pieces missing, contact customer service for help

4. Double-check each piece of furniture before you start assembling it – make sure all screws and bolts are in place, and that everything is tightened securely


It is important to have a solid floor installation process when installing new hardwood. The first step in the process should be removing any old carpet or linoleum that may be present on floors. Next, measure and cut your boards before nailing them into place with nails pre-drilled at each end of the board for reinforcement. Finally, seal your boards with stain and varnish protector to ensure longevity!

10 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game This Year

10 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game This Year

Golf is a game with a lot of unique challenges. One of the key challenges for beginner golfers is that it’s hard to keep track of all the different aspects of the game, such as which club you need and where you should aim your shot. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to improve your golf game this year, here are ten ways that might help!

1) Look at your ball before you hit it

When you’re about to tee off, make sure you look at the ball before you hit it. This will help ensure that it goes in the direction you intended. You should never tee off without looking.

2) Keep both of your hands on the club

Keep both of your hands on the club

It is important to keep both hands on the club, even when you are only using one hand to swing. It will help you balance and give you stability, which will make it easier for you to get back up after a fall.

3) Keep your address and posture straight

Keep your address and posture straight is important if you want to play well. For example, if you stand up too quickly from the bench between holes, you’ll tire yourself out faster and have less endurance for completing the game. Keep your arms and knees bent when you’re in a seated position on the bench. This will give them more time to recover from exertion later in the game. If you can’t find a comfortable seat on the bench, try sitting on it sideways with your legs crossed or behind you.

4) Practice your short game!

Practice your short game

It’s very important to get the ball back in the hole once you’ve hit it, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. Learning how to chip and put will save you strokes over your lifetime.

5) Practice your putting

You can do this by playing mini-putt, or you can simply go to an extensive field and practice by keeping your ball on the green. It will take a lot of time and patience, but in the end you’ll be able to get the ball within 2 feet of the hole more often, saving you stroke and giving you a better chance at winning games!

6) Practice your chipping

Learning how to get the ball up and onto your green will save you many strokes, as well as help you advance through levels in mini-golf.

7) Find the right golf coach

This is very important, and will help you improve in many areas of your game. A good golf coach will help you find the right grip size and club length, while also helping you with your quick game and putting. You can see Ryder Cup golf 2021 live stream which match will provide you best technique to golf play.

8) Practice your swing

This is important if you need to improve on the accuracy of your game and want to reduce the number of strokes you take per hole.

9) Get coaching tips

Coaching tips can help you with your golf game. A good coach can provide tips and videos, so you know what to look for in your swing. There are many good golf coaches out there. They can help you improve your swing and ball striking, leading to lower scores.

10) Practice your grip and aim.

These are the two things you have to do before you swing, so make sure that you’re doing them properly in order to get more accurate shots!

Finally, hope these tips help everyone look for ways to improve their game! Happy golfing 🙂 .

Tips for Getting the Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

Tips for Getting the Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

You’re about to embark on a road trip with your friends and you don’t want to smell like an ashtray. Getting the smoke out of your car is quick and easy, but first, identify what caused the odor. Smoke can leave a lingering smell in the vents and on upholstery that will be hard to get rid of. Here are some tips for getting smoke odors out of your car:

Smell of the seats

Smell of the seats

Smoke can easily seep into cracks and crevices, so use a flashlight to look for signs of lingering smoke. If you find it, take off the seat cushions and vacuum or wipe down all fabric surfaces with water or vinegar to eliminate odor-causing particles.

Defog your windshield

The moisture from fogging an unclean windshield has left behind unpleasant smells that will cling to anything in the area. Simply roll down your windows after you drive through foggy areas and let in fresh air, or wipe down the windshield and dashboard with an anti-static cloth to clear away residue.

Wash your car

Take a damp towel outside and wash all windows, tires and wheels to remove any dust from the road that can cause smoke smells to linger. The same goes for washing your windshield wipers those can hold on to smoky scents too.

To remove smells that linger in your air vents, take off your air filter and wipe down all surfaces with an antibacterial cleaning cloth. If you find a buildup of residue on the filter, use motorized cleaner made specifically for car filters to get rid of it or visit at fairsquare for details.

Clean upholstery/carpeting

If you have a removable or foldable carpet in your car, take it out of the vehicle so it can air dry after being vacuumed clean. Make sure you do this regularly during long trips so odors don’t take root into the carpeting. If you don’t have a removable floor covering, use a vacuum with a hose attachment to gently suck out all the dirt and dust from cracks and crevices.

If you smell smoke seeping in through your air vents, it’s likely you have buildup on your inside windshield cover or near the edges of your dashboard. Get rid of the cigarette odor by using odor-absorbing materials placed along these areas to soak up any lingering scents. Open the doors between trips so that fresh air can circulate through the car for further purification. Roll down all windows periodically instead of leaving them closed to avoid moisture buildup which could attract mold growth. Keep a small spray bottle filled with water in case you detect any additional smells while driving a few spritzes will remove unpleasant odors instantly!


It is important to identify the source of the smell before you clean your car. If it’s a new smoker in your family, consider getting them their own vehicle and then wash yours thoroughly with soap or shampoo and water. This may remove most of the residual odor from cigarettes that are smoked inside. For an older smoker who smokes outside, just do what I mentioned above for washing your car along with upholstery cleaning services.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the missing piece of the economic puzzle

Foreign Direct Investment

Strong contender for the hottest investment destination

The UAE has surged ahead in the past few years to emerge as a strong contender for the hottest investment destination sobriquet. The entire procedure for doing business in UAE has been simplified to attract the brightest minds in the industry.

Business in UAE

Business in Uae

Grow Your Business Above And Beyond

Since time immemorial, mankind has doggedly chased the wealth creation rainbow. Waging wars, battling the elements, history is rife with stories of brave men and women who have wandered off into the unknown. Recent generations have had it easier. The core activities of trade and tourism, have both flourished in the unified monetary habitat. Yet, the burning question remains. Where and how does one park their monies in order to maximize their investments?

The answer to this searing question lies within the span of three important words: foreign direct investment (FDI). The UAE has surged ahead in the past few years to emerge as a strong contender for the hottest investment destination sobriquet. The infrastructure is great; there is strong governmental support in the form of favourable laws and policy frameworks that are conducive to business. The entire procedure for doing business in UAE has been simplified to the best extent possible, in an attempt to encourage the brightest and most gifted minds in the industry. To learn further information on fdi advantages and disadvantages, you’ve to check website.

If you are a local, then it makes sense to pick up stock options in key, influence-wielding financial institutions, like banks and other such commercial lending options available. Locals can use the power of the collective and invest through industry rated mutual fund managers, to hedge their investments against any jeopardizing decision.

With the realty market having gone through its bust phase and now on the way to recovery, purchasing stakes in some of the larger players in the market (like master developers Nakhleel) should be a good decision. A word of caution for potential entrants; the financial health of many a developer is in the doldrums and one should perform the necessary due diligence, before making the call.

But perhaps, the time is right for international investors to take the foreign direct investment (FDI) route for their next round of expansion into the lucrative Middle-Eastern market. Hotel occupancy rates have been at an all time high and the government has been exhibiting its commitment to the tourism industry. Thus, the high-growth oriented hotel and travel industry brings with it the hope and promise of currency influxes from around the world. This key factor alone just might make FDI, the missing piece of the economic puzzle.

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream: East Division Preview

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream

This year a total of four divisions are competing in the NHL Play-off. In this article, we’ll discuss the teams in the East Division.

From each division, one team will reach the semi-finals. Then only two teams will make it to the Finals. Can anyone from the East division have a chance of winning? We’ll find out at the NHL Finals live stream in July.

For now, let’s see who has the highest chance of winning from the East Division.

NHL Finals Live Stream: East Division

NHL Finals Live Stream East Division

Like every other division, the East division also entered the play-off rounds with four teams. Now, these seeds will compete for a spot in the semi-finals and then battle against others to be in the Stanley Cup Finals. Watching the NHL Finals live stream with any of the Eastern teams will be fun.

The four East Division teams are:

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins (East Division Champions) – 77 points (29 RWs, 34 ROWs)
  2. Washington Capitals – 77 points (29 RWs, 33 ROWs)
  3. Boston Bruins – 73 points
  4. New York Islanders – 71 points

Both Pittsburgh and Washington finished the regular season with 77 points. So, it went to RWs to determine the Division Champion. There too, both of these teams had the same score. So, finally, based on the ROWs, the Pittsburgh Penguins became the division Champion.

Hence, in the first round of the play-off, Pittsburgh faces the New York Islanders. And Washington faces the Boston Bruins. Before we continue, what’s your guess? Who will be victorious from the East Division?

Well, time will say that. For now, analyze every team’s potential in the NHL 2021.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins performed pretty well in the regular season. So, many of us thought they might go into the finals. But in the first round of the play-off, they lost against the New York Islanders and got eliminated from the league.

Washington Capitals

Like the Divisional Champion, Washington Capitals also failed to survive the first round of the play-off. They had only one victory against the Boston Bruins’ four. So, they have been eliminated early in the tournament.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins weren’t in their best form in the regular season. But surprisingly, they’re doing pretty well in the play-off. They eliminated the Washington Capitals comfortably in the first round. Now, they’re looking forward to eliminating the New York Islanders in the second round. According to experts, the Boston Bruins got a pretty good chance of winning the trophy this year. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to see if that happens.

New York Islanders

It was an absolute shocker when the New York Islanders eliminated the Divisional Champion from the bottom of the table. None see that coming. But Ice Hockey is an unpredictable game. Now let’s see if they can make it to the finals from here.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing all the team’s performance, our experts predict that the Boston Bruins have the most chance of going to the semi-finals. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to see if anyone from the East Division competes in the finals for the Stanley Cup.

Budget Ways to Update Old Living Room Furniture

Budget Ways to Update Old Living Room Furniture

How to Rejuvenate Wood and Upholstered Furnishings

Old living room furniture is often sturdier than newer wood and upholstered furnishings. If it was designed decades ago, more than likely it is heavy and still in good condition. However, it is probably out of style. Retro living room furniture is ideal when decorating a vintage space, but when old furnishings are not desired, an update is a must. Have it professionally reupholstered and you might as well have bought brand new furnishings from a high end store, click site. Use budget ways to update old living room furniture instead of investing in upholstery or all new items. It can look like new for a whole lot less.

My boyfriend has a set of furniture from the late seventies. Although it looks like it was designed in the 70’s, it is very sturdy. The upholstery and cushions are also in fantastic shape. I have been thinking of budget ways to update the furnishings instead of buying a whole new set, and I have come up with a number of creative solutions to bring the furniture into the present.

How to Rejuvenate Wood and Upholstered Furnishings

Consider Fitted Slipcovers

Fitted slipcovers are available in all prices, styles and colors, and when looking for ways to update old living room furniture, they can be the ideal solution. When trying to stick to a budget, search for clearance slipcovers that will coordinate with existing living room hues. Slipcovers are not cheap, but they are far less expensive than new furnishings. Many are also washable, and they are easy to fit.

Prime and Paint Exposed Wood

Old wood furniture is sometimes scratched and worn, even with careful use. Instead of stripping, sanding and refinishing the wood, consider using primer and paint. It is easy to update old furnishings with paint, and the results can be absolutely gorgeous. It can go from drab to fabulous in a matter of hours. The job can take even less time when using a sprayer.

Update Old Living Room Furniture with Pretty Throws

After adding new slipcovers and painting exposed wood, consider using a pretty throw or two to update old furniture. Woven throws can be beautiful and highly detailed. They are woven works of art that can form scenes and other interesting graphics. Look for one or two budget throws in colors, designs and styles of your choice. Use them to further update old living room furnishings. They can make a remarkable difference.

Use Budget Throw Pillows to Add Accent Colors and Designs

Throw pillows are the finishing touch when striving to update old living room furniture. If the furniture is covered in solid fabric and/or solid throws, opt for patterned throw pillows. If the slipcovers and/or throws are patterned, opt for solid throw pillows of various textures. They can make budget furniture look comfy, stylish and far more inviting, and they can last many more years.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience



Mackays is a family run business, owned by the Grant family since 1995. The company exports to over 60 countries around the world and produces over 19 million jars every year! Despite growing in size and scale, Mackays remains true to its roots, making all jams, marmalades and curds the authentic way in open copper pans.


We supply our glass jars and bottles from one box of 50 units up to 52 pallets to fill articulated trucks and we offer a full distribution service not only around the UK but worldwide.


We provide a 'Business Boost' package to help businesses with their online activities and increase their impact. We also do project and event management as well as copy writing.


Our very own Berry Queen, Gemma The Jam, shows you just how easy it is to get involved and join in the fun with this year’s World Jampionships! Gemma has become this year’s make at home celebrity with sightings due at The Scottish Game Fair and Dundee Food and Flower Festival! Have a browse through her videos and find out what it is that makes her our favourite Jammy Lady (gin, we suspect!).

Gemma Bottles Jam

How to get your jam into the jar

Gemma makes Victoria Sandwich

In this video Gemma demonstrates how easy it is to make this perennial favourite.

Gemma Wraps Jam

How to make sure your Jam reaches us


The winners will be announced on September 6 at the Dundee Flower and Food in Scotland. We are delighted to announce that this year, Celebrity Chef, Nick Nairn, will present the trophies. Don’t miss it!

How Will Your Jam Reach Us?

Click here to watch our fun video

Breast Cancer Care

The World Jampionships is proud to support Breast Cancer Care with £1 donated for every entry we receive.

Gemma the Jam

Humorous videos on all things Jammy from our gorgeous Berry Queen.

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