Pull on Your Pinny, Set Your Pan to Boil
and Get Those Jars Lined Up…


The World Jampionships is here to say BRING ON THE JAM! Inspired by the world-class, soft fruit Fields of Blairgowrie and the berry pickers of years gone by THE JAMPIONSHIPS are here to unite us all in our love of everyone’s favourite spread!

We're looking for homemakers and artisans, experts and beginners. Along the way we plan to bring you photographs, stories, recipes, events and so much more! Two top prizes will crown the homemaker and the artisan WORLD JAMPION - so come on WORLD! We'd like Jam from every corner of this wonderful planet!


Of course its not just about making the jam - once its jarred and ready to go there are a hundred ways to enjoy jam.... and we want to know them all! Sweet and delicious, you can spread it thick over creamy butter on crusty white bread. Or dollop it on top of a scone with clotted cream. Spread it into cakes until it oozes greedily out of the sides… There are a hundred ways to enjoy Jam and we want to know them all!

Team Jam are gearing up for another exciting year in our search for the best homemade Jams and Jellies in the World, using traditional methods. Could YOU be the next World Jampion?


Strawberry and Champagne Duffins


Strawberry and Champagne Duffins from the Sophie Loves Food blog. Delicious!...

Simple Blackcurrant Jam


Vivien Lloyd shows you how to make simple and delicious Blackcurrant Jam...


This Raspberry and Apple Jam Recipe from Vivien Lloyd is a real treat for summer...



Strawberry Duffins

Strawberry and Champagne Duffins

Strawberry Waffle

Duffins from the Sophie Loves Food blog

Chilli Chicken

Sticky Ginger and Chilli Chicken

Blueberry pie

Simple Blackcurrant Jam


Raspberry Jam

A simple Raspberry Jam recipe.

Raspberry & Chilli Jam

Raspberry & Chilli Jam and Lemon Creme Fraiche

Jam and Custard Hand Pies

This gorgeous easy-peasy recipe

Streusel Cake

Karen Burns Booth of Lavender and Lovage made


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the missing piece of the economic puzzle

Foreign Direct Investment

Strong contender for the hottest investment destination

The UAE has surged ahead in the past few years to emerge as a strong contender for the hottest investment destination sobriquet. The entire procedure for doing business in UAE has been simplified to attract the brightest minds in the industry.

Business in UAE

Business in Uae

Grow Your Business Above And Beyond

Since time immemorial, mankind has doggedly chased the wealth creation rainbow. Waging wars, battling the elements, history is rife with stories of brave men and women who have wandered off into the unknown. Recent generations have had it easier. The core activities of trade and tourism, have both flourished in the unified monetary habitat. Yet, the burning question remains. Where and how does one park their monies in order to maximize their investments?

The answer to this searing question lies within the span of three important words: foreign direct investment (FDI). The UAE has surged ahead in the past few years to emerge as a strong contender for the hottest investment destination sobriquet. The infrastructure is great; there is strong governmental support in the form of favourable laws and policy frameworks that are conducive to business. The entire procedure for doing business in UAE has been simplified to the best extent possible, in an attempt to encourage the brightest and most gifted minds in the industry. To learn further information on fdi advantages and disadvantages, you’ve to check website.

If you are a local, then it makes sense to pick up stock options in key, influence-wielding financial institutions, like banks and other such commercial lending options available. Locals can use the power of the collective and invest through industry rated mutual fund managers, to hedge their investments against any jeopardizing decision.

With the realty market having gone through its bust phase and now on the way to recovery, purchasing stakes in some of the larger players in the market (like master developers Nakhleel) should be a good decision. A word of caution for potential entrants; the financial health of many a developer is in the doldrums and one should perform the necessary due diligence, before making the call.

But perhaps, the time is right for international investors to take the foreign direct investment (FDI) route for their next round of expansion into the lucrative Middle-Eastern market. Hotel occupancy rates have been at an all time high and the government has been exhibiting its commitment to the tourism industry. Thus, the high-growth oriented hotel and travel industry brings with it the hope and promise of currency influxes from around the world. This key factor alone just might make FDI, the missing piece of the economic puzzle.

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream: East Division Preview

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream

This year a total of four divisions are competing in the NHL Play-off. In this article, we’ll discuss the teams in the East Division.

From each division, one team will reach the semi-finals. Then only two teams will make it to the Finals. Can anyone from the East division have a chance of winning? We’ll find out at the NHL Finals live stream in July.

For now, let’s see who has the highest chance of winning from the East Division.

NHL Finals Live Stream: East Division

NHL Finals Live Stream East Division

Like every other division, the East division also entered the play-off rounds with four teams. Now, these seeds will compete for a spot in the semi-finals and then battle against others to be in the Stanley Cup Finals. Watching the NHL Finals live stream with any of the Eastern teams will be fun.

The four East Division teams are:

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins (East Division Champions) – 77 points (29 RWs, 34 ROWs)
  2. Washington Capitals – 77 points (29 RWs, 33 ROWs)
  3. Boston Bruins – 73 points
  4. New York Islanders – 71 points

Both Pittsburgh and Washington finished the regular season with 77 points. So, it went to RWs to determine the Division Champion. There too, both of these teams had the same score. So, finally, based on the ROWs, the Pittsburgh Penguins became the division Champion.

Hence, in the first round of the play-off, Pittsburgh faces the New York Islanders. And Washington faces the Boston Bruins. Before we continue, what’s your guess? Who will be victorious from the East Division?

Well, time will say that. For now, analyze every team’s potential in the NHL 2021.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins performed pretty well in the regular season. So, many of us thought they might go into the finals. But in the first round of the play-off, they lost against the New York Islanders and got eliminated from the league.

Washington Capitals

Like the Divisional Champion, Washington Capitals also failed to survive the first round of the play-off. They had only one victory against the Boston Bruins’ four. So, they have been eliminated early in the tournament.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins weren’t in their best form in the regular season. But surprisingly, they’re doing pretty well in the play-off. They eliminated the Washington Capitals comfortably in the first round. Now, they’re looking forward to eliminating the New York Islanders in the second round. According to experts, the Boston Bruins got a pretty good chance of winning the trophy this year. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to see if that happens.

New York Islanders

It was an absolute shocker when the New York Islanders eliminated the Divisional Champion from the bottom of the table. None see that coming. But Ice Hockey is an unpredictable game. Now let’s see if they can make it to the finals from here.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing all the team’s performance, our experts predict that the Boston Bruins have the most chance of going to the semi-finals. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to see if anyone from the East Division competes in the finals for the Stanley Cup.

Budget Ways to Update Old Living Room Furniture

Budget Ways to Update Old Living Room Furniture

How to Rejuvenate Wood and Upholstered Furnishings

Old living room furniture is often sturdier than newer wood and upholstered furnishings. If it was designed decades ago, more than likely it is heavy and still in good condition. However, it is probably out of style. Retro living room furniture is ideal when decorating a vintage space, but when old furnishings are not desired, an update is a must. Have it professionally reupholstered and you might as well have bought brand new furnishings from a high end store, click site. Use budget ways to update old living room furniture instead of investing in upholstery or all new items. It can look like new for a whole lot less.

My boyfriend has a set of furniture from the late seventies. Although it looks like it was designed in the 70’s, it is very sturdy. The upholstery and cushions are also in fantastic shape. I have been thinking of budget ways to update the furnishings instead of buying a whole new set, and I have come up with a number of creative solutions to bring the furniture into the present.

How to Rejuvenate Wood and Upholstered Furnishings

Consider Fitted Slipcovers

Fitted slipcovers are available in all prices, styles and colors, and when looking for ways to update old living room furniture, they can be the ideal solution. When trying to stick to a budget, search for clearance slipcovers that will coordinate with existing living room hues. Slipcovers are not cheap, but they are far less expensive than new furnishings. Many are also washable, and they are easy to fit.

Prime and Paint Exposed Wood

Old wood furniture is sometimes scratched and worn, even with careful use. Instead of stripping, sanding and refinishing the wood, consider using primer and paint. It is easy to update old furnishings with paint, and the results can be absolutely gorgeous. It can go from drab to fabulous in a matter of hours. The job can take even less time when using a sprayer.

Update Old Living Room Furniture with Pretty Throws

After adding new slipcovers and painting exposed wood, consider using a pretty throw or two to update old furniture. Woven throws can be beautiful and highly detailed. They are woven works of art that can form scenes and other interesting graphics. Look for one or two budget throws in colors, designs and styles of your choice. Use them to further update old living room furnishings. They can make a remarkable difference.

Use Budget Throw Pillows to Add Accent Colors and Designs

Throw pillows are the finishing touch when striving to update old living room furniture. If the furniture is covered in solid fabric and/or solid throws, opt for patterned throw pillows. If the slipcovers and/or throws are patterned, opt for solid throw pillows of various textures. They can make budget furniture look comfy, stylish and far more inviting, and they can last many more years.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

Tips for Reselling a Modified Car and Its Parts

Tips for Reselling a Modified Car and Its Parts

No matter how great your car is, there will come a time that you need to sell it. You may need to move to another country. You may have found a better car. You may need a lump sum of money for emergency situations; the bottom line is that the time will come that you will need to sell it.

Now here’s something you need to keep in mind – the modifications you’ve done to your car will serve as a red flag to the possible buyers of the car whether they are buying it straight from you or from the car dealer where you’ll be trading it to. The buyers may think that in some way, this car has been abused or tampered.

“That’s not true!” I know that’s what many car modifying enthusiasts and fans are saying at the back of their head. After all, many of today’s modified cars are meticulously maintained and taken care of by their owners. They are not treated like disposable cars.

Car enthusiasts constantly bond with their car. They never settle for anything less than the premium gas. And you can expect these guys to regularly change the car’s oil. They’ll never miss it no matter what. Those things cannot be said of someone who knows and believes that the car only needs to stay intact until it is sold or while the lease is in effect.

However, you may still have great difficulties in selling your modified car. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do! Here are some tips that should help you greatly…

Restoring It’s Stock Condition

Restoring It's Stock Condition

You want to preserve the value of your car in order to sell it. With that in mind, you should keep the stock parts. No matter which way you look at it, stock cars have a higher value in the open market. People like you who love fine-tuning and modifying cars would also prefer to fix a stock vehicle in accordance to their taste and preference rather than to buy an already-enhanced hot ride.

By the way, don’t forget to label the stock parts. Also, take pictures of them so you won’t have any difficulty figuring out how to piece them back together.

What About The Enhanced Parts?

Now that you’ve restored your car back to its original and stock condition, what are you going to do with the rest of the tweaked parts? Well, here’s the great news – there’s a massive market for automotive performance parts. And even better is the fact that you don’t need to shell out hard earned cash to get someone to buy them. There are online auctions websites like eBay, related forums, etc. that allow you to post classified ads for free or for a very low price.

Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Mexico

Watch NBA Finals Live Online

Close to America, Mexican people are also waiting to watch NBA Finals live online. The excitement of the NBA games is already floating in the air. It’s one of the most anticipated basketball events of the year. After the playoffs, the final round will happen in mid-July. If you’re in Mexico, this article will assist you in finding the best channel to watch the NBA finals on your streaming devices.

How to Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Mexico

How to Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Mexico

The finals of the 2021 NBA will be streaming in Mexico through various platforms. However, the top two options include TDN & ESPN. Both of them are dedicated to streaming major sports events for Mexican fans. Below we’ve discussed how you can watch both channels.

Stream NBA Finals on TDN

TDN or Televisa Deportes Network is a popular sports streaming channel in Mexico. It’s available both on TV and online streaming. You can have AT&T stream TDN on your TV. It supports a wide range of devices, including amazon fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. In our opinion, watching the basketball event on the big screen is best.

However, you also have the option to stream TDN on your smartphone. You can use your AT&T account information to log in on your mobile. And then enjoy the NBA finals on TDN from anywhere in Mexico. You surely can’t miss the action of Basketball just because you’re not home.

Nonetheless, AT&T doesn’t support Vizio smart TV, LG TV, Xbox, and PlayStation. So, don’t try to watch the event on these devices. Not to mention, we also have another option to watch NBA finals live online. That is ESPN. Know more about it shortly.

Stream NBA Finals on ESPN

ESPN is a popular sports tv network around the world. This year, they will stream the finals of the NBA in Mexico. As per our opinion, it’s the best option to watch the tournament in Mexico. That’s because you have multiple options to stream the channel on your devices.

The first option is through cable tv networks. If you have a cable network in your home, you can find the channel on your TV. All popular cable providers in Mexico offer ESPN. However, if you can’t find it on your TV, you can go for an online subscription.

ESPN offers a premium subscription plan with reasonable pricing. So, there’s no way you can not afford it. Besides, they have a 14-day trial free of cost. Visit their official website for more information. Not to mention, they also offer apps for both the android and iOs platforms. So, you can comfortably enjoy the NBA finals from anywhere you want.

Final Words

To watch NBA Finals live online from Mexico, you’ll either have to sign up for ESPN or TDN. Both of them are worth paying if you don’t want to miss the thrill of the basketball tournament. Besides, these channels offer a lot more major sports events throughout the year. So, you’re getting that too. So, where are you watching the NBA finals in Mexico?

Us Open Golf Live Online: 2021 Ticket Information

Watching your favorite golfer hitting the ball live on a golf course can be a fantastic experience. If that game is the US Open Golf Championship, then the joy will be doubled. Yes, the US Open Golf live online will once again be streamed from Torrey Pines Golf Course.

Earlier this year, the Masters allowed a limited number of patrons on the ground. USGA is also going on the same path. Hence, this article will answer all your questions regarding the upcoming edition of the US Open Golf Championship.

Ticket Categories & Prices

Ticket Categories & Prices

Earlier, USGA put a hold on the selling of tickets for the event. But later, they decided to allow a limited number of spectators. You also can enjoy the event from home with the US Open Golf live online streaming. But if you prefer to go on the course, here are the ticket options:

Daily Gallery – $50

You’ll have general entry to the course and watch your favorite players. If you want you can walk in different courses and also sit on the grandstand. Besides, you can get food from the concession stands. Besides, it will cost you $625 if you purchase the weekly gallery ticket, which will allow you to visit the course from Monday to Sunday.

Daily Beer Garden Featuring Corona Premier – $75

If you pay $75, you’ll get everything included in the daily gallery and access to a premium open-air sports-style bar. There will be various seating arrangements. Live TV coverage will also be available throughout the tournament. If you are opt-in for a weekly plan, you’ll have to pay $950. You’ll get access to the executive restroom in the weekly plan.

Reserved Grandstand – $250

This option includes everything from the daily gallery. Besides, you’ll have priority to sit on the grandstand.

Champions Pavilion – $650

You’ll have daily access to the premium indoor pavilion with an upgraded seating facility. High-end food and drink options with complete breakfast and buffet lunch will also be available. The location will be near to the holes.

Premium Tickets

USGA also offers premium tickets for fans. They have three packages including:

  1. Hilton Bungalow Travel Package
  2. Fairway Room & Gardens
  3. The Cabanas

The premium tickets of US Open Golf live online is limited. Hence they haven’t provided any information regarding it on the website. You can call 1-800-698-0661 or mail for more information.

Eligibility Criteria to Enter the Torrey Pines Golf Course

Eligibility Criteria to Enter the Torrey Pines Golf Course

Due to the pandemic, USGA has taken the best safety measurements they could. There will be some restrictions for fans to enter the ground. If you have tickets for the event, you’ll have to meet the following criteria to get an entry on the event days:

  • All California residents will have to show proof that they have been vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the event. Or they have to show a negative covid report tested within 48 hours.
  • Out of California, the state’s residents have only one option. They have to complete the vaccination 14 days before the event.
  • If someone has a medical condition that doesn’t allow him to take the Covid vaccine, he can enter by showing negative reports tested within the 48 hours of the event. This is applicable even if the resident is not from California.
  • Also, if someone survived covid within the last 90 days, he doesn’t need to show proof of vaccination. However, he will need to show reports of covid results that he survived.

If you have a US Open Golf live online ticket but don’t meet the above criteria, your ticket will be terminated.


You’re lucky if you have got the tickets for the event. Try to maintain the above criteria to enter the ground. However, even if you failed to purchase a ticket, you can watch the US Open Golf live online from your home. There’s no way you’re going to miss such an exciting event.

SnapChat as a Way to Capture a Younger Demographic for Your Local Business

How SnapChat Could Work in Your Marketing

Social media engagement always seems to evolve as time goes on, including the actual social media sites that businesses gravitate to. While Twitter and Facebook are still relevant, are new ones soon to take over? SnapChat may sound like a place designed mostly for teens based on how anything posted there and read is gone within seconds. But if you’re seeking out a younger demographic, it may be the perfect place to start focusing.

Yes, in a few years, SnapChat may be a standard social media gathering place as part of the trend toward flash posting and information, click here.

How SnapChat Could Work in Your Marketing

SnapChat as a Way to Capture a Younger Demographic for Your Local Business

While a younger demographic may be on SnapChat now, it may not always be that way in the future. A local business should get in on the fray there now and leave their mark. Especially if you cater to all demographics, capturing the younger crowd there now could help you considerably in the immediate term. It’s what you can post there, though, that will keep your local business in memory and help you build a loyal customer base.

Since all posts on SnapChat disappear in seconds after they’re opened, it’s a perfect place for urgent calls to action. Companies are already starting to jump into the fray with this opportunity by providing digital coupons that give incentive to act right away to avoid procrastination.

For a local business, this can be a great tool when you need to gain new customers after opening your doors. By providing a picture of your business, a location, and a call to action, you have a new opportunity to capture customers quicker, plus a possible new younger demographic.

Much like Instagram, though, SnapChat has added more than the ability to just post flash images or postings. With a new feature called Stories, they now allow you to partake in the emerging new trend of snippet storytelling.

Using SnapChat’s Stories

When you use this feature, it’s supposed to stay available for up to 24 hours so viewers can see it more than once. Despite having video capability, it’s only for an unbelievable five seconds. This might make you bristle at the thought of trying to convey something in less time than even Vine or Instagram Video provides. Regardless, it’s a creative call to convey something in as small a time frame as you can muster.

It’s not really impossible if you set a mood through real behind-the-scenes footage or a flash fiction scenario. By using some emotion, you’ll be tapping into the real future of how you’ll capture new customers in social media of the future.

AOL, MSN Hotmail Won’t Deliver Truthout.Org Newsletters

AOL, MSN Hotmail Won't Deliver

According to a letter from’s executive director, Marc Ash, AOL and MSN Hotmail are not sending Truthout.Org subscribers the newsletters that the organization sends out on a regular basis. Not only are the daily and weekly newsletters being blocked, but communications from Truthout to individual subscribers alerting them to the problem of the “blocking” are also not getting to their intended recipients.

Mr. Ash has been updating visitors to the Truthout.Org website, and it seems that the organization is being swamped with reports from readers that confirm that MSN Hotmail and AOL users are not receiving their newsletters, even after adding the organization email address to their “non-Spam” filters. Some of those that have posted have noted that other political organizations are also being blocked.

Other political action groups, such as the Care 2 News Network and the Democratic Underground, are reprinting Mr. Ash’s letter in support of Truthout.Org and as a way to bring this censorship to the attention of more internet users. Bloggers at Daily Kos and Thomas Paine’sCorner have also picked up on the issue. Widespread media coverage of this alleged violation of the First Amendment may be stymied by the fact that AOL is owned by parent company, Time Warner, which also owns such news outlets as CNN and Time Magazine, find more about this.

MSN Hotmail

So far, Truthout names only MSN Hotmail and AOL as culprits in this censorship issue. Mr. Ash has reported that whereas AOL has not admitted to any such blocking action, MSN Hotmail has supposedly “stated to [Truthout’s] administrators that they are in fact ‘throttling’ and ‘blocking’ [Truthout] communications” and this is due to the organization’s “‘reputation’.” Some readers have posted that they are also having trouble with Yahoo (this reporter being one of them), as well as Earthlink, where Truthout emails go directly into trash folders.

A possible explanation for this forced spamming may be much less sinister, as sometimes spam filters are overly aggressive; however, due to the number of complaints that Truthout is receiving from it’s subscribers, that may not explain the whole problem. Many of the complaints claim that even when the user specifically marks the emails as “non-spam”, they continually return to the “spam” designation. Issues of free speech on the internet have surfaced over the last few years, most notably being Yahoo giving information to the Chinese Government about their members. The censorship of Truthout.Org via the “free” email accounts also brings up the issue of free speech only being available to those that can pay for it.

Truthout.Org is asking anyone who is experiencing trouble receiving any information or communication from the organization to report these instances to a special email address found on their website. Truthout is also urging their readers to contact their ISP and demand that they receive the emails.

Best Practice Change Management

Best Practice Change Management

Deciding what the best practice change management tool to purchase can be a difficult decision. As an effective system is required when you are planning to push important information through it, taking the time to make an educated choice can save your company a lot of hassle in the future. This can be done by learning about the features of the program as well as the basic requirements in order to run the application.

Change Management

Learning the functions of the best practice change management tool you feel is right for your company is your first step. CME’s program uses a four step method to process every alteration through the system. This spreads the work out in a logical manner, giving employees a chance to discuss each new change and how it will effect their business practices. In many ways, this is very similar to a ticket tracking system that a customer service representative would use to assist their customers. However, instead of keeping track of problems with the customers, this system keeps track of changes made to the business practices of the company. By initiating a project or change, users can assign it to various groups which allow only relevant employees to view the change in question. With this flexibility, everyone can use the same system while maintaining a standard of privacy between the various departments of the company. From the initiation stage, there is the approval stage. This stage involves making sure the proposed change makes sense and will bring no harm from the company. If the change request passes this phase, it will move to the implementation stage. Whoever is assigned to making sure the change is processed will go about processing the change in the methods required. The final stage is the verification that the change has been made and that it is working properly, read more from here.

In order to be able to use the best practice change management software developed by CME, you will need to have two functional servers. These will run a web and a database server, both of which are required to operate the software. These servers can run either Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or 2003, as well as either Red Hat Linux 7.x, 8.0 or 9.0 or Solaris UNIX 2.x, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0. With this many choices available, you should be able to acquire a server easily, if you do not already have one running one of these operating systems

Online Race Car Market: How to Buy and Sell

How to Buy and Sell

Nowadays, the Internet is a tool that we use for just about everything. We see the news there, we do our shopping there, we contact our friends there, etc. The wealth of networking opportunities that the Internet has to offer are almost endless. And this wealth of information can be very lucrative for someone who is in the market to buy or sell a race car online.

You can always try to buy or sell a race car in an auto trader circulation, but for most circulations, they are only circulated in a small region. This is fine if you’re trying to sell an average car to a person. Chances are someone in the market for an average car probably uses these circulations so when they find something they like, they will only have to travel a small distance to look the car over, test drive it and possibly purchase the vehicle.

But this probably won’t be a solution for someone who is in the market of selling or buying a race car, because most likely you will have to find a bigger market that can accommodate specialized situation. Let’s face it, if you have a car that is race ready, trying to sell it in an auto trader circulation where the maturity of people will be looking for a car to get them back-and-fourth to work won’t do you a lot of good. It also won’t do you a whole lot of good if you’re on a search for a race ready car, most owners of specialty vehicles market there cars in specialty magazines and websites.

If you’re a race car enthusiast that wants to get in the game of buying and selling race cars, than you need to get into the world of the Internet. Your chances of finding the right buyer or seller in a market that peaks your interest will be broaden from a local or regional area to a international level. Connecting with someone who owns or sells exotic sports cars, race cars, rare antiques etc. could be as easy as sitting at your computer and surfing the Internet in the right places.

The first thing you can do to help you get tapped into the right resources is start at some car auto forums. Since the world of after market automobiling is mostly filled with quite honest people who are always willing to help you out in whatever way they can. Dropping some questions on these forums should give you some pretty good directions like: What websites are good for what type of car markets your looking to get into and what websites and or scams to avoid.

Selling in an Online Race Car Market

Selling in an Online Race Car Market

Once you get some good information and you find some good websites, then it’s time to get to work. If you are looking to sell your race car online, there are some things you need to know to make it a better selling experience for you and the second party that will be involved. First, honesty is the best policy. This is even more important in online sales when the person who might be interested could be halfway across the world. If someone travels a long way to check out what they think is a great find and find out that you failed to mention that the car doesn’t run and that it was wrecked on the opposite side from where you took a picture of the vehicle, that could cause a problem.

Also, as a seller who is putting your race car online, you might want to think about the fact that you could end up doing some traveling (meeting someone halfway), another great reason to make sure what you posted for-sale is what you are going to be delivering. If you have no intention of traveling, it’s not a bad thing, just make sure you mention it in the ad, this will help the potential buyer know what he is getting into.

One more thing that you can do to help both you and a possible second party is take a lot of pictures. Utilize the fact that most places on the web that let you sell things, give you an unlimited amount of up-loads or at least enough up-loads to place plenty of pictures of you race car in the ad. If your selling an Ford Escort, a little black and white picture in the auto trader might be fine, but when your selling something precious like a race car, take enough pictures of it to show just how precious it is.

Buying in an Online Race Car Market

Buying in an Online Race Car Market

Now, let’s say you have some money and you have a type of race car in mind that you would be willing to spend that money on. One thing you must know, when searching a specialized vehicle that fits your needs, it will take a little longer than just buying an everyday car. When people build race cars, they build them to fit their own needs. You might find yourself in a predicament where even though you have a specific style, power output rating, color, etc. in mind, you might have to be prepared to be a little flexible on your wants and needs, and be prepared to spend a little extra money after you purchase the car for some up-grades to get it to look and feel the way you want it.

If this does not sound like something you are willing to do, there is another option. A lot of times people start building a race car and find that they can’t finish it for one reason or another, these cars are called project cars. If you can find a project car that needs the type of work that you can provide, then this might be a great option for you. Depending on what still needs to be done to it, you can choose what color to paint it, what motor and transmission you want to place in it for performance and so on. The good thing about a project car is, the less put together it is the more room it leaves the buyer to customize it in a way that best suits them. But when attempting this process, try to be reasonable, if you buy something that needs way more work than you have time for or needs work that you don’t have the talent to do, most likely the car will end up back in the want-ads as a project car with you as the seller this time.

Buying and selling a race car online can be intimidating. You’re either looking for a particular person to buy your car, or your looking for a particular car that fits your needs. Either way you look at it, you need to tap in to the correct market to sell or buy a race car online. Searching in the wrong market might prove to be a wasteful task.



Mackays is a family run business, owned by the Grant family since 1995. The company exports to over 60 countries around the world and produces over 19 million jars every year! Despite growing in size and scale, Mackays remains true to its roots, making all jams, marmalades and curds the authentic way in open copper pans.


We supply our glass jars and bottles from one box of 50 units up to 52 pallets to fill articulated trucks and we offer a full distribution service not only around the UK but worldwide.


We provide a 'Business Boost' package to help businesses with their online activities and increase their impact. We also do project and event management as well as copy writing.


Our very own Berry Queen, Gemma The Jam, shows you just how easy it is to get involved and join in the fun with this year’s World Jampionships! Gemma has become this year’s make at home celebrity with sightings due at The Scottish Game Fair and Dundee Food and Flower Festival! Have a browse through her videos and find out what it is that makes her our favourite Jammy Lady (gin, we suspect!).

Gemma Bottles Jam

How to get your jam into the jar

Gemma makes Victoria Sandwich

In this video Gemma demonstrates how easy it is to make this perennial favourite.

Gemma Wraps Jam

How to make sure your Jam reaches us


The winners will be announced on September 6 at the Dundee Flower and Food in Scotland. We are delighted to announce that this year, Celebrity Chef, Nick Nairn, will present the trophies. Don’t miss it!

How Will Your Jam Reach Us?

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Breast Cancer Care

The World Jampionships is proud to support Breast Cancer Care with £1 donated for every entry we receive.

Gemma the Jam

Humorous videos on all things Jammy from our gorgeous Berry Queen.

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