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Tips for Getting the Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

Tips for Getting the Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

You’re about to embark on a road trip with your friends and you don’t want to smell like an ashtray. Getting the smoke out of your car is quick and easy, but first, identify what caused the odor. Smoke can leave a lingering smell in the vents and on upholstery that will be hard to get rid of. Here are some tips for getting smoke odors out of your car:

Smell of the seats

Smell of the seats

Smoke can easily seep into cracks and crevices, so use a flashlight to look for signs of lingering smoke. If you find it, take off the seat cushions and vacuum or wipe down all fabric surfaces with water or vinegar to eliminate odor-causing particles.

Defog your windshield

The moisture from fogging an unclean windshield has left behind unpleasant smells that will cling to anything in the area. Simply roll down your windows after you drive through foggy areas and let in fresh air, or wipe down the windshield and dashboard with an anti-static cloth to clear away residue.

Wash your car

Take a damp towel outside and wash all windows, tires and wheels to remove any dust from the road that can cause smoke smells to linger. The same goes for washing your windshield wipers those can hold on to smoky scents too.

To remove smells that linger in your air vents, take off your air filter and wipe down all surfaces with an antibacterial cleaning cloth. If you find a buildup of residue on the filter, use motorized cleaner made specifically for car filters to get rid of it or visit at fairsquare for details.

Clean upholstery/carpeting

If you have a removable or foldable carpet in your car, take it out of the vehicle so it can air dry after being vacuumed clean. Make sure you do this regularly during long trips so odors don’t take root into the carpeting. If you don’t have a removable floor covering, use a vacuum with a hose attachment to gently suck out all the dirt and dust from cracks and crevices.

If you smell smoke seeping in through your air vents, it’s likely you have buildup on your inside windshield cover or near the edges of your dashboard. Get rid of the cigarette odor by using odor-absorbing materials placed along these areas to soak up any lingering scents. Open the doors between trips so that fresh air can circulate through the car for further purification. Roll down all windows periodically instead of leaving them closed to avoid moisture buildup which could attract mold growth. Keep a small spray bottle filled with water in case you detect any additional smells while driving a few spritzes will remove unpleasant odors instantly!


It is important to identify the source of the smell before you clean your car. If it’s a new smoker in your family, consider getting them their own vehicle and then wash yours thoroughly with soap or shampoo and water. This may remove most of the residual odor from cigarettes that are smoked inside. For an older smoker who smokes outside, just do what I mentioned above for washing your car along with upholstery cleaning services.

Tips for Getting the Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

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