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Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Mexico

Watch NBA Finals Live Online

Close to America, Mexican people are also waiting to watch NBA Finals live online. The excitement of the NBA games is already floating in the air. It’s one of the most anticipated basketball events of the year. After the playoffs, the final round will happen in mid-July. If you’re in Mexico, this article will assist you in finding the best channel to watch the NBA finals on your streaming devices.

How to Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Mexico

How to Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Mexico

The finals of the 2021 NBA will be streaming in Mexico through various platforms. However, the top two options include TDN & ESPN. Both of them are dedicated to streaming major sports events for Mexican fans. Below we’ve discussed how you can watch both channels.

Stream NBA Finals on TDN

TDN or Televisa Deportes Network is a popular sports streaming channel in Mexico. It’s available both on TV and online streaming. You can have AT&T stream TDN on your TV. It supports a wide range of devices, including amazon fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. In our opinion, watching the basketball event on the big screen is best.

However, you also have the option to stream TDN on your smartphone. You can use your AT&T account information to log in on your mobile. And then enjoy the NBA finals on TDN from anywhere in Mexico. You surely can’t miss the action of Basketball just because you’re not home.

Nonetheless, AT&T doesn’t support Vizio smart TV, LG TV, Xbox, and PlayStation. So, don’t try to watch the event on these devices. Not to mention, we also have another option to watch NBA finals live online. That is ESPN. Know more about it shortly.

Stream NBA Finals on ESPN

ESPN is a popular sports tv network around the world. This year, they will stream the finals of the NBA in Mexico. As per our opinion, it’s the best option to watch the tournament in Mexico. That’s because you have multiple options to stream the channel on your devices.

The first option is through cable tv networks. If you have a cable network in your home, you can find the channel on your TV. All popular cable providers in Mexico offer ESPN. However, if you can’t find it on your TV, you can go for an online subscription.

ESPN offers a premium subscription plan with reasonable pricing. So, there’s no way you can not afford it. Besides, they have a 14-day trial free of cost. Visit their official website for more information. Not to mention, they also offer apps for both the android and iOs platforms. So, you can comfortably enjoy the NBA finals from anywhere you want.

Final Words

To watch NBA Finals live online from Mexico, you’ll either have to sign up for ESPN or TDN. Both of them are worth paying if you don’t want to miss the thrill of the basketball tournament. Besides, these channels offer a lot more major sports events throughout the year. So, you’re getting that too. So, where are you watching the NBA finals in Mexico?

Watch NBA Finals Live Online from Mexico

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