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Why Your Shop Needs a CNC Press Brake

Why Your Shop Needs a CNC Press Brake

Having a CNC press brake can be beneficial to your shop. They’re more efficient and easier to use than traditional press brakes. They’re also great for small-run prototypes.

CNC Controls are Easier to Use for Prototypes And Small Runs

CNC Controls are Easier to Use for Prototypes And Small Runs

Using a CNC milling system to make a part is a great way to get the most from your machining time. This allows you to make things that are highly complex and accurately made. It also saves you time and money.

A CNC milling machine can cut in three dimensions and can move freely around the X, Y, and Z axes. In addition, it can remove layers of material in a way that a conventional machine cannot. This type of machining is suitable for prototyping as well as producing custom-designed parts.

The CAM system software that comes with a CNC machine is very sophisticated. It includes a graphical user interface (GUI) with tool path strategies. This allows you to load your design into the CNC machine. In addition, it can detect when the machine crashes. This feature can help you limit the damage to the machine from a crash.

The CNC machine has been around for quite some time. Its ancestors include the numerical control, which was popularized by John T. Parsons. He was a business man from Traverse City, MI who wanted to manufacture a complex helicopter blade. His idea was to connect a machine to a computer.

The CNC is now a part of nearly every industry. From medical equipment to automobiles, there is no shortage of products that have been manufactured using a machine. Aside from reducing the amount of time it takes to produce parts, a CNC machine also ensures uniformity in the outputs.

CNC folders are more efficient than press brakes

Having a better understanding of the differences between a CNC folder and a press brake will help you improve productivity. While both machines are used in metal fabrication, they are different in many ways. The primary difference is that the folder has limited motion, while the press brake is more versatile.

Typically, metal folders use a combination of servo technology and a folding beam to bend parts. Folders are a better choice for forming parts that are sensitive to distortion due to sheet weight. Folders also use air to bend parts. The servo technology helps ensure the most accurate product.

Press brakes can also be used to bend a variety of materials. These machines can form plates and thin sheets, as well as heavy materials. Press brakes are a common tool in metal fabrication shops. They are also equipped with backgauges, which can be used to automate bending processes. Compared to a folder, a press brake is better for thicker materials, and it requires two people to operate, CNC press brake manufacturers.

Folders are also more effective than press brakes for bending small parts. While both machines can bend flanges and small profiles, folders are specialized for these applications. The folder’s limited motion allows for a faster forming process.

Folders are not only more efficient than press brakes, they also offer greater capacity and versatility. Folders can bend a wider variety of materials. They are also a great solution for small batch work.

Investing in clamping systems reduces setup time

Investing in a clamping system is an excellent way to speed up CNC press setup times. There are several different systems to choose from, ranging from quick release clamping units to high speed power clamping systems. However, the most cost effective option is probably the manual clamping system.

For more complex products, a manual work holding changeover can take as little as 20 minutes. During this time, the operator can be busy with other tasks while the machine loads tools. This translates into lost revenue producing spindle time. The automated tool changer solution can reduce set up times by up to 80%.

The best way to determine how much time it will take for a CNC press to perform a specific operation is to measure the number of setups that are performed during a shift. If the operator has a good handle on the number of setups a machine performs per day, he can estimate the cost of purchasing a clamping system to see if it is worth the investment.


It is also important to consider the best way to set up the clamping system. One of the most common mistakes is securing a clamping system improperly. One way to reduce this mistake is to purchase a clamping system with safety-click button technology. This allows tools to be loaded vertically and safely.

Why Your Shop Needs a CNC Press Brake

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