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What is a Font Generator?

A font generator is a type of computer software that transforms an outline font of various formats into either a bitmap, SVG or Web-safe font that utilizes the “@font-face” rule of the CSS3 specification.

This font generator can be used for personal blogs and websites, as well as social profiles, and marketing and advertising materials. It can also be a fun and unique way to spice up your graphic design work.

Unicode Characters

Unicode is a standard for encoding and decoding text that includes characters in all living languages. It is fundamental to the architecture of the web and operating systems, allowing the transfer of text without corruption between devices or applications.

Vintage engraving of miscellaneous retro vintage letters pre 1880

Characters in Unicode represent letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks, and other symbols. Each character has a unique number called a code point and can be displayed in many ways (e.g., as a single character, as a group of characters or as precomposed combinations).

Each code point has a database of information that describes its name, category and display-related properties. For example, a character representing a fraction has its own numeric value and may have a different glyph depending on the context in which it is used.


Symbols are a subset of Unicode glyphs that look a bit like normal ASCII text. They are often used as “pseudo-alphabets” because they can be bolder or italic, and can even be upside down!

There are over 130,000 symbols in the standard. These include a variety of different letter and number symbols, as well as special characters such as hyphens and quotation marks.

These “pseudo-alphabets” can be a great way to add some personality to your text without overdoing it. And they can help you keep your file size low if you’re using web fonts for your text.

Adding these glyphs to your InDesign document is easy, and you can save them in a glyph set. You can then select a glyph set from the Symbols menu to apply them to your documents.


Emojis are little cartoon figures that act as non-verbal communication clues. These symbols help us to express emotions and give context to our conversations on the internet.

There are many different types of emojis, each with its own specific meaning. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as expressing irony or excitement.

Vintage engraving of miscellaneous retro vintage letters

They are also useful for demonstrating personality, since they allow you to convey how you feel in social media posts without words. This is helpful for brands and businesses, as it allows them to show that they are a fun and friendly company that cares about their customers.

In addition, emojis can also be used as a tool for language support. Since they draw on Unicode mechanisms that aren’t implemented on many platforms, they have helped to increase support for a variety of languages and historic scripts.

Symbol Sets

Symbol sets are collections of symbols and can be generated to support communication in many different ways. Some are designed specifically for face-to-face communication, whilst others are intended to be understood in printed form.

Which set of symbols is the best choice for a particular person depends entirely on their needs and preferences. The type of language they use, their ability to express themselves and their sight or hearing are all factors that need to be considered before choosing a particular set of symbols.


The most common set of symbols used in AAC devices is Project Core Symbols. Other well-known symbol sets include Widgit Symbols, Rebus Symbols and SymbolStix.

What is a Font Generator?

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