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Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Whatsapp Plus Features!

Whatsapp plus Features

Do Whatsapp plus feature the best facilities to its clients? If puzzled, then this article has appeared with several features of Whatsapp plus.

Whatsapp plus is the ideal choice due to its prime source of instant messaging in our life skills. Among the evolution of delivering communications – Whatsapp plus topped than other adversaries.

A recent edition of Whatsapp Plus filled with new emojis and sticker packs collections. Its built-in font choice to match the style. Alike – other messaging apps permits installed themes or new fonts.

It is not a reliable site to try. If possible, be aware of the risk it carries and be careful with what you share. Be aware- of all scams asking to pay for this app as it’s 100% free. Make sure to download the app from a reliable source as it may harm your device, check here.

Whatsapp Plus Features – For Android Users

Whatsapp plus provides extraordinary features that are still not accessed in Whatsapp.

While exploring – you will be observing some key contrasts as opposed to Whatsapp.

These are the listing of various Whatsapp plus Features available:

  • To notify if the person is present online.
  • Anti-revoke messages are unable to remove messages.
  • Ability to summon Whatsapp Plus messages.
  • Status Limits up to 255 characters.
  • Can classify messages from newest – oldest.
  • Possible to change the launcher icon.
  • Status clipboard allows copying others’ status.

The latest edition of Whatsapp Plus has inbuilt fonts to choose which font matches your style. Sticker packs and new emojis collections are also available with some surprising gifts

At the start, the app gives an option to customize the chats and the main menu according to your own need. There is a Conversation Screen, which can found in the More Options menu.

The Auto-Reply message feature is now available at Whatsapp Plus. It replies to messages automatically. It has secret features with some hiding online -status, hiding recording status, etc.

Whatsapp plus opts to customize the chats as per your demand. The menu broke into four sub-headings -Header, Chat, Translucent form, and Pics. Whatsapp Plus facilitates up to 700 themes from the app. It’s ordered according to its name, version, date, etc.

This app – combined with innovative and more emoticons. This- can only transfer to recipients of Whatsapp Plus users. Instead, a question mark delivers rather than the emojis.

This application allows sharing up to 16MB. Whatsapp plus extends its sharing limit up to 50 MB and permits to change data to 50MB. Besides, Whatsapp also added an unusual catalog for business prospects. It promotes the sharing of goods and services with clients.



As per the conclusion- Whatsapp plus is a revised edition to change the look of Whatsapp. Whatsapp plus features make life secure than official Whatsapp. So, test this application to aware of the significant- risk it involves. There is no guarantee of how long it’s sustained and might reject by the official Whatsapp site to be aware of it.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Whatsapp Plus Features!

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