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Budget Ways to Update Old Living Room Furniture

Budget Ways to Update Old Living Room Furniture

How to Rejuvenate Wood and Upholstered Furnishings

Old living room furniture is often sturdier than newer wood and upholstered furnishings. If it was designed decades ago, more than likely it is heavy and still in good condition. However, it is probably out of style. Retro living room furniture is ideal when decorating a vintage space, but when old furnishings are not desired, an update is a must. Have it professionally reupholstered and you might as well have bought brand new furnishings from a high end store, click site. Use budget ways to update old living room furniture instead of investing in upholstery or all new items. It can look like new for a whole lot less.

My boyfriend has a set of furniture from the late seventies. Although it looks like it was designed in the 70’s, it is very sturdy. The upholstery and cushions are also in fantastic shape. I have been thinking of budget ways to update the furnishings instead of buying a whole new set, and I have come up with a number of creative solutions to bring the furniture into the present.

How to Rejuvenate Wood and Upholstered Furnishings

Consider Fitted Slipcovers

Fitted slipcovers are available in all prices, styles and colors, and when looking for ways to update old living room furniture, they can be the ideal solution. When trying to stick to a budget, search for clearance slipcovers that will coordinate with existing living room hues. Slipcovers are not cheap, but they are far less expensive than new furnishings. Many are also washable, and they are easy to fit.

Prime and Paint Exposed Wood

Old wood furniture is sometimes scratched and worn, even with careful use. Instead of stripping, sanding and refinishing the wood, consider using primer and paint. It is easy to update old furnishings with paint, and the results can be absolutely gorgeous. It can go from drab to fabulous in a matter of hours. The job can take even less time when using a sprayer.

Update Old Living Room Furniture with Pretty Throws

After adding new slipcovers and painting exposed wood, consider using a pretty throw or two to update old furniture. Woven throws can be beautiful and highly detailed. They are woven works of art that can form scenes and other interesting graphics. Look for one or two budget throws in colors, designs and styles of your choice. Use them to further update old living room furnishings. They can make a remarkable difference.

Use Budget Throw Pillows to Add Accent Colors and Designs

Throw pillows are the finishing touch when striving to update old living room furniture. If the furniture is covered in solid fabric and/or solid throws, opt for patterned throw pillows. If the slipcovers and/or throws are patterned, opt for solid throw pillows of various textures. They can make budget furniture look comfy, stylish and far more inviting, and they can last many more years.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

Budget Ways to Update Old Living Room Furniture

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