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The Use of White Paint for Your Home

The Use of White Paint for Your Home

Many individuals think that white paint is just a neutral color. To some degree, they are right. However, the brightness and various white tints can make a big difference in the presentation of items. White paint has been a favorite of individuals for years. Using zinc oxide based pigments, the first washable paint was produced by Charlton White in the 1870s. This meant, that white paint could be washed over for cleaning purposes. This added to the value and importance of white paint. Dirt and marks could be removed.

White paint has long been a favorite to use in kitchens and bathrooms. Giving these two rooms, a sanitary and sterile look, was very important to the home owner. It has also been used to make rooms appear larger, than they really are. Rooms that had little lighting, used white paint to brighten up the room.

White Paint

There are many tints of white paint for various reasons. Rooms that face the north, away from the sun, look better with a warm undertone. These undertones would be yellow, tan, pink, peach and cream. Rooms, that face the south, need to look cooler. Undertones of green, blue,gray and violet work best.

Some rooms will go with a darker color shade on the walls and a white ceiling. This makes the room look taller than it really is.

Many homes will decorate their woodwork with white paint. Door frames and window frames look good in white. If they get soiled by hands and fingerprints, it is easy to wipe off or paint over, to give it that clean look. White door frames also makes it easy to identify a door in the darkness of the night.

The type of paint, that you use, can make a difference in appearance, too. There is latex, enamel, oil base and a mixture of them. Latex makes touch up easier. However, it has a duller flatter finish. Latex may take several coats to do a good cover job. Enamel/oil based leaves a smooth even coat on wood and metal. Unlike latex, an oil based enamel leaves a glossy appearance to it’s finish.

White paint on a base background brings out color in any item, that is hung on the wall. White walls are excellent for displaying pictures. The bright background forces the eye to look at what is hung in front of them. White walls even bring out the best in antiques and rich wood floors.

There are even shades of white that goes great with different types of wood. For example, an antique white brings out the best in old or rustic furniture.

When used correctly, white paint and it’s different tints, it can make a big difference in house decorations.

The Use of White Paint for Your Home

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