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2021 NHL Finals Live Stream: East Division Preview

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream

This year a total of four divisions are competing in the NHL Play-off. In this article, we’ll discuss the teams in the East Division.

From each division, one team will reach the semi-finals. Then only two teams will make it to the Finals. Can anyone from the East division have a chance of winning? We’ll find out at the NHL Finals live stream in July.

For now, let’s see who has the highest chance of winning from the East Division.

NHL Finals Live Stream: East Division

NHL Finals Live Stream East Division

Like every other division, the East division also entered the play-off rounds with four teams. Now, these seeds will compete for a spot in the semi-finals and then battle against others to be in the Stanley Cup Finals. Watching the NHL Finals live stream with any of the Eastern teams will be fun.

The four East Division teams are:

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins (East Division Champions) – 77 points (29 RWs, 34 ROWs)
  2. Washington Capitals – 77 points (29 RWs, 33 ROWs)
  3. Boston Bruins – 73 points
  4. New York Islanders – 71 points

Both Pittsburgh and Washington finished the regular season with 77 points. So, it went to RWs to determine the Division Champion. There too, both of these teams had the same score. So, finally, based on the ROWs, the Pittsburgh Penguins became the division Champion.

Hence, in the first round of the play-off, Pittsburgh faces the New York Islanders. And Washington faces the Boston Bruins. Before we continue, what’s your guess? Who will be victorious from the East Division?

Well, time will say that. For now, analyze every team’s potential in the NHL 2021.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins performed pretty well in the regular season. So, many of us thought they might go into the finals. But in the first round of the play-off, they lost against the New York Islanders and got eliminated from the league.

Washington Capitals

Like the Divisional Champion, Washington Capitals also failed to survive the first round of the play-off. They had only one victory against the Boston Bruins’ four. So, they have been eliminated early in the tournament.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins weren’t in their best form in the regular season. But surprisingly, they’re doing pretty well in the play-off. They eliminated the Washington Capitals comfortably in the first round. Now, they’re looking forward to eliminating the New York Islanders in the second round. According to experts, the Boston Bruins got a pretty good chance of winning the trophy this year. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to see if that happens.

New York Islanders

It was an absolute shocker when the New York Islanders eliminated the Divisional Champion from the bottom of the table. None see that coming. But Ice Hockey is an unpredictable game. Now let’s see if they can make it to the finals from here.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing all the team’s performance, our experts predict that the Boston Bruins have the most chance of going to the semi-finals. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to see if anyone from the East Division competes in the finals for the Stanley Cup.

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream: East Division Preview

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