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SnapChat as a Way to Capture a Younger Demographic for Your Local Business

How SnapChat Could Work in Your Marketing

Social media engagement always seems to evolve as time goes on, including the actual social media sites that businesses gravitate to. While Twitter and Facebook are still relevant, are new ones soon to take over? SnapChat may sound like a place designed mostly for teens based on how anything posted there and read is gone within seconds. But if you’re seeking out a younger demographic, it may be the perfect place to start focusing.

Yes, in a few years, SnapChat may be a standard social media gathering place as part of the trend toward flash posting and information, click here.

How SnapChat Could Work in Your Marketing

SnapChat as a Way to Capture a Younger Demographic for Your Local Business

While a younger demographic may be on SnapChat now, it may not always be that way in the future. A local business should get in on the fray there now and leave their mark. Especially if you cater to all demographics, capturing the younger crowd there now could help you considerably in the immediate term. It’s what you can post there, though, that will keep your local business in memory and help you build a loyal customer base.

Since all posts on SnapChat disappear in seconds after they’re opened, it’s a perfect place for urgent calls to action. Companies are already starting to jump into the fray with this opportunity by providing digital coupons that give incentive to act right away to avoid procrastination.

For a local business, this can be a great tool when you need to gain new customers after opening your doors. By providing a picture of your business, a location, and a call to action, you have a new opportunity to capture customers quicker, plus a possible new younger demographic.

Much like Instagram, though, SnapChat has added more than the ability to just post flash images or postings. With a new feature called Stories, they now allow you to partake in the emerging new trend of snippet storytelling.

Using SnapChat’s Stories

When you use this feature, it’s supposed to stay available for up to 24 hours so viewers can see it more than once. Despite having video capability, it’s only for an unbelievable five seconds. This might make you bristle at the thought of trying to convey something in less time than even Vine or Instagram Video provides. Regardless, it’s a creative call to convey something in as small a time frame as you can muster.

It’s not really impossible if you set a mood through real behind-the-scenes footage or a flash fiction scenario. By using some emotion, you’ll be tapping into the real future of how you’ll capture new customers in social media of the future.

SnapChat as a Way to Capture a Younger Demographic for Your Local Business

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