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Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia

Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream

The Masters is most popular among the four major golf tournaments. And in Australia, it is no different. People from all around the world wait for April when this prestigious tournament takes place.

This year The Masters is slightly different than other years. Because the upcoming event will allow a limited number of patrons, and if you’re in Australia, you will watch it online, we assume. Here, you will get all the information regarding Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia.

When is The Masters 2021?

When is The Masters 2021
When is The Masters 2021

As scheduled, The Masters Golf Tournament will start on 8th April, at Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia, USA. And the game ends on Sunday 11th April. Before the tournament round, there will be practice sessions on the 5th & 6th of April. And on 7th April a par 3 contest will be organized.

Watch Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia

Watch Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia

There are two streaming networks available in Australia that will broadcast the tournament in 2021. One is Nine Network’s Gem channel, and another is Kayo Sports. Only these two networks officially own the right to broadcast The Masters in Australia. Details on how to watch the game on these channels are covered below.

The Masters Live Stream on 9Gem

The first option to watch this thrilling tournament in Australia is the Nine Network. However, they won’t broadcast the tournament on the main channel; rather you will have to tune in to 9Gem. And as an Australian sports fan, you should know that this channel is free to air on television. So, it’s great news for golf fans in Australia.

9Gem will cover the first three rounds and the final rounds including the prize-giving ceremony. Though there’s an estimated time, the coverage will be extended if the play continues.

If you don’t have a cable connection, then you also can have access to 9Gem online. It comes in most of the online tv services.

The Masters Live Stream on Kayo Sports

The Masters Live Stream on Kayo Sports

Another excellent for the live stream is Kayo Sports. This isn’t free to watch like 9Gem, but if you’re a new customer, you can enjoy all the rounds for free because Kayo Sports offers 14 days of a free trial. And you only need 4 days.

Though using only the trial version is not suggested. Because besides the Masters, Kayo Sports has a lot more to offer. And it isn’t that expensive. Once the trial ends, you will have two subscription options. The basic plan is $25 a month, and the premium plan is only $35 a month with the additional stream.

You also get some special features in Kayo Sports. And the impressive thing is some of them are especially for The Masters Golf Tournament. They have a special dedicated camera for the Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club.

And another feature we really loved is their split screens. So, you can watch the main coverage, featured groups, and the Amen Corner simultaneously on a single screen. It allows 4 screens at a time.

Kayo Sports also got the highlights of previous Masters Tournaments. So, if you want, you can watch them before this year’s game starts. Additionally, you will have some previews and special documentaries to warm up for the game day.

You can stream Kayo Sports on any device including Android, iOs, Sony Bravia, Samsung, TV, PC, Laptop, and more.

Final Words

As an Australian, you have got two great options to enjoy Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream. You can choose any of them and experience the excitement of the tournament. Even if you are not an Australian, but will reside in Australia during the Masters week, you can use these streaming services to watch the game.

Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream in Australia

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